Stallion Doin’ Work: It’s back! Playoff Edition

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t of left you, without a dope blog to geek to (geek to, geek to, geek to, geek to)

Stallion Doin’ Work is where I try to match Kobe Bryant’s points scored with achievements gained the very day after a Lakers game.  (24 hour period to match) Just another challenge to keep me motivated and on track for my ultimate goal of 1,000,000 gamerscore.

Sunday Night VS. the Nuggets:  Kobe 31 points

On Monday I passed the challenge unlocking 34 achievements across 4 different games. 

No one knows how long the Lakers will survive this years playoff run, but if they stay in the mix, this will at least be a 20 day challenge. Even if the they get bounced in the second round, the challenge will last for a solid 10 days which is good enough period to get my achievement juices flowing again.  I am crossing my fingers for the former since many of you know, I’m a huge Lakers fan.

Why am I starting this challenge again? I knew the tank was on empty the moment I got a message from someone with less than 2,000 gamerscore calling me out. You aren’t getting much gamerscore anymore. Why is that true?”

It’s totally true. I stopped doing a lot of stuff related to my 1,000,000 goal and started enjoying the little things in life. I’ve been at this for going on 7 years, day in and out, with only a few breaks and vacations. At around 540,000 I contemplated giving it all up, but found a reason to dig deep and muster up the motivation it would take to continue. Up until around 700,000, everything was going just fine. Then I went into another self evaluation process knowing very well how hard the uphill battle from 700,000 to 800,000 will be. Even to the point of telling my girlfriend, “I hope you’re busy all week, because I’ll be.” Instead of blogging or communicating much by way of text, I’ve used the Gamerscore Popcast to be my only line of communication besides my occasional tweets. Maybe that should change a little. In the past I was at my best when I was vocal and doing little challenges like this. It may suck every bit of life out of me, but it gives me bursts of all out gaming marathons.

I still don’t feel like I can say whatever I want to say and I’m still wondering if there will ever be a time or place to do so. It’s becoming a difficult thing to manage. It’s not because I really give a damn about what people think or say, but it’s the latching onto every word that I say. I get called every name under the sun and just have to let it float off my back like a duck out of water. Buy The Walking DEAD ON XBLA!!!!  Probably not a single one of you have experienced it to the degree that I have. On the flip, if I call someone an ass, they will try to gain recognition off of the fact that I called them an ass. As much as I love the internet, some people are just way too deep with it. I love communicating with like minded individuals, but all the other drama and little trolls just need to be eradicated like cockroaches. Another thing is, dealing with the wolves in sheep’s clothing, which forces me to put my guard up at all times to keep them out of my way. I have a pretty solid bullshit detector and I’m good at reading people, so you may want to find someone else to prey on.

Over the last 6+ year I’ve been a shield of sorts to the gamerscore community. Mostly me taking all the flack, but in every interview I do, I’ll try to shine a positive light on gamers and gamerscore hunters while everyone else is sitting back drinking tea and eating crumpets and unlocking their achievements in peace. It’s not easy to change the views of others on a culture when everyone else is seemingly working against you. I’m using this goal or outlet to try and inspire gamers to be more at whatever it is that he or she wants to accomplish in life. If you give it everything you got, you have a chance of being the last man standing. It’s no longer just about a score, it has evolved into something greater. When everyone wants to see you fail. you don’t curl up into a ball and just take it. You fucking fight with everything you got. Not tomorrow or a week from now, go fight now!

“But it ain’t about hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit…and keep moving foward”

Kobe and Lakers play in game two of the first round tonight. I hope he goes for 50 so that tomorrow will be a rough one for me.