The Gamerscore Popcast – Episode #30 – Not So Family Friendly

Stallion83, Pigimus Prime, StophJ, Omega Deez, and Phatal1ty discuss all the new releases from the past week and so much more.

The main show ends at: (1:41:33) and that is when the after party begins

  • Gaming Highlights and low-lights of the week: SSX, Binary Domain, Zumba Rush, Skyrim, Microsoft Flight, Azura’s Wrath, Never Dead and more.
  • News and new releases: 
  • Listener Challenge: Week 1 challenger is: X1oooBirds, hear his interview and find out which host he picks to rumble with. Week 2 challenger is also announced.
  • Enter for week 3 and beyond on our Facebook Page by entering your gamertag on the post that mentions this challenge or anywhere on the wall. All gamertags entered will stay entered in the random drawing for a to-be-determined period of time. Week 6 will be a team game based on gamerscore gained compiled of the listeners picked weeks 1-5 and will go against the popcast crew for even more chances to win prizes. . 
  • Bloopers reel
  • Listener questions
  • New Songs
  • The after party: starts at (1:41:34) Which is us talking about nothing after the show. Listen at your own risk. The Nick 1987 makes a guest appearance.

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