Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stalion Doin' Work: Day 13 - F*&% Lips


Kobe scored 24 points against the Clippers on Wednesday night setting me up for a stroll in the park for the challenge on Thursday.

Wednesday: Off Day

Finished off my final achievement in Karaoke Revolution to get that completion. I got the majority of those achievements during my run to 500,000 gamerscore back in October of 2010. I would say give it a go if you like Karaoke, Revolution and lips are the two best on the 360. I hate Lips though! I can't believe I'm sitting here recommending it. Almost 3 years have passed and it still makes me mad. I'm taking that bad taste Lips left in my mouth to the grave with me.

Played 3 to 4 hours of Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventures while destroying my legs in the process. Try doing 14 circuits in a row after doing 20-30 individual exercises. Rough. I was sweating buckets from that and still managed to get some weight lifting in after. I feel like I'm training for the 2012 Kinect summer Olympics as of late, even impressed my cat with my leaping ability.

It feels good being able to do what I want physically. After 500k I did get pretty ill which coincided with the release of Kinect. I felt better for a week or so but got sick again before going out to LA for the XtendPlay debut. I had a right hip problem leading up to the event which left me laid out on the couch for a week. That passed, but a day later I came down with the shingles virus, which was much worse than the hip problem. That happened just days before I needed to catch a plane to LA. Everything got cancelled and scratched, so there I was, out on my ass for weeks. I finally got better again but started getting hip pain right before PAX east. I was thinking to myself, "not this shit again." That only lasted a few days and the pain wasn't as extreme as the first go around. About a month after PAX I was doing hard running and the hip pain came back. I went on a trip to Florida shortly after and I felt really good the entire time. I worked out almost every day but running still wasn't in the cards. I came back home with new found hope and vigor as I was mentally and physically recharged for the first time in a long time. That was also around the time Cindy told me to lay the smack down and where the "WIN" line came from in my 600k video. Not so long after the podcast started I passed out and got rushed to the ER. I checked out just fine, but still, I was worried since nothing like that happened to me before. I did have hip and knee problems up until about three weeks to a month ago.However, I managed to slog through some Kinect games with extreme pain during that time. This has been a strange year as ever for me and I'm not sure why I'm breaking down the medical history report. But I do feel freaking great right now. I'm jumping around like kangaroo on speed. I just hope the trend continues. You don't have much if you don't have your health.

Thursday: Challenge Day - at least 24 achievements needed

Unlocked 8 achievements for 280 gamerscore in Family Game Night 4 EU. I have two achievements left in that, one being the 50 game shows played. A little too many if you ask me.

Darksiders JP got some spin. Darksiders is a sleeper hit from a few years back that I really enjoyed then and still am in the present. Hopefully Darksiders 2 doesn't disappoint when it drops later this year. People having higher expectations puts the pressure on. Good luck team working on that. I unlocked 8 achievements for 95 gamerscore.

Kinect Sports keeps getting thrown into the fire on these challenge days. I probably said it before, but I'll say it again. It's one of the best Kinect games there is and still holds up well. It's well rounded and has a lot to offer, more so than Kinect Sports 2. I unlocked 5 achievements for 90 gamerscore. I think I'll get it done one day. A pretty tough game overall.

Disneyland Adventures was the first new game I've played in a while besides Darksiders JP and Family Game Night 4 EU. I wouldn't call those new since I've experienced the US versions of both.  I didn't play enough to come away with much of an opinion, but Disney seems to be top notch. It just screams quality from the graphics to the interface. It's quite long from what I've heard so we'll see how deep I actually get. A weak sauce 2 achievements for 15 gamerscore which took down my progressing completion percentage a bit. I'm always one step forward and two steps back when it comes to that. I just can't help myself.

Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventures....again. I couldn't last long as I was beat from the previous day. Her ass is grass and I'm the lawn mower. She will get hers soon. 1 achievement for 30 gamerscore. 6 left for the completion.

Total for Day 13: 24 achievements - 510 gamerscore - the lowest gamerscore total for the challenge yet.

Friday: Off Day

Not much gaming but I did watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix. Check this show out if you get a chance or if you need another show fix.

This week was kind of light compared to the previous and I'l get a few more off days. The Lakers and Kobe are back at it on Saturday and Sunday night. That leaves me with a two-day-dip on Sunday and Monday. .

Day 1: Kobe 37pts - Stallion 38 achievements - 805 Gamerscore
Day 2: Kobe 30pts - Stallion 32 achievements - 505 Gamersocre
Day 3: Kobe 39pts - Stallion 44 achievements - 1,035 gamerscore
Day 4: Kobe 26pts - Stallion 40 achievements - 1,145 gamerscore 
Day 5: Kobe 48pts - Stallion 49 achievements - 1,260 gamerscore
Day 6: Kobe 40pts - Stallion 41 achievements - 906 gamerscore
Day 7: Kobe 42pts - Stallion 44 achievements - 790 gamerscore
Day 8: Kobe 42pts - Stallion 42 achievements - 725 gamerscore
Day 9: Kobe 14pts - Stallion 30 achievements - 804 gamerscore
Day 10: Kobe 24pts - Stallion 24 achievements - 755 gamerscore
Day 11: Kobe 30pts - Stallion 31 achievements - 631 gamerscore
Day 12: Kobe 33pts - Stallion 36 achievements - 1,060 gamerscore
Day 13: Kobe 24pts - Stallion 24 achievements - 510 gamerscore

13 Day Challenge Total: 475 achievements - 10,966 gamerscore

2012 totals as of 1:00AM EST on January 28th

Start - Current - Total increase for the year

Gamerscore: 666,666 - 682,665 - 15,999

Achievements: 27,694 - 28,309 - 641

Completed Games on dashboard:  540 - 567 - 27

Completed Games according to Trueachievements (DLC excluded) 585

Gamerscore completion percentage: 81.42% - 82.22% - .80%

Achievement completion percentage: 82.38% - 83.13% - .75%




  1. I hope you stay healthy Ray, can't be letting anyone else get 1M before you. Also, I'm assuming Jillian's game is quite the workout since you do seem to look like your in at least decent physical shape.

  2. Can't go wrong with Breaking Bad man, probably the best series i've seen in a while.

  3. Thanks ki114h. Yeah, Jillian's is quite rough. Especially if you play for an extended period of time. I like that it takes effort though.

  4. dude check day 2, that was your lowest gamerscore during the challenge =]

  5. Thanks or the correction. Totally missed that.