Stallion Doin’ Work: Day 5 & 6 – Mamba Droppin 40’s On Em


Kobe is absolutely on fire! He

Thursday: Challenge Day – 40 Achievements needed to keep pace

KR: Glee Vol. 3 to get things started. 2 Achievements for 150 Gamerscore.

Stayed with the Rabbits in the AM to unlock a few stragglers before moving on. 4 Achievements for 50 Gamerscore obtained.

I then perused the Xbox LIVE marketplace and found a deal on Shrek-n-Roll for half price. It came out in 2007 and is nothing special. You use both sticks to control a teeter totter like wooden plank with food in the middle which you need to navigate around obstacles to baby ogres. It’s weird! Oddly enough, I kind of like the concept. Try the trial before spending your $5 bucks. I unlocked 8 achievements for 120 gamerscore before tapping out for the night.

NBA2k12 was the next game I played much later in the day. I purchased and downloaded The Legends Showcase DLC for 800 MSP. It features some new features such as H-O-R-S-E, 3-3 Era challenges, and  a change in the style of graphics. H-O-R-S-E remind me of those old McDonald’s commercials featuring MJ and Larry Legend.  It also has 10 achievements for 250 Gamerscore. I ended up unlocking 5 achievements for 96 Gamerscore before moving on. I did get my gamerscore back on track making it end in zeros or fives with an achievement for the game that was worth 16 points. It has two more odd achievements that are worth 23 and 21.

The final game was Eat Lead JP which I unlocked most of the achievements  for the day on. 22 of them for 490 Gamerscore.

Total for Day 6: 41 Achievements – 906 Gamerscore

More back to back games for The Lakers and Kobe on Friday and Saturday night. So more back to back days for me over the weekend.

Since I started this challenge Kobe is averaging an amazing 37.4 points per game. Practically unheard of for a guy with so many minutes played or for any player for that matter.

Day 1: Kobe 37pts – Stallion 38 achievements – 805 Gamerscore
Day 2: Kobe 30pts – Stallion 32 achievements – 505 Gamersocre
Day 3: Kobe 39pts – Stallion 44 achievements – 1,035 gamerscore
Day 4: Kobe 26pts – Stallion 40 achievements – 1,145 gamerscore
Day 5: Kobe 48pts – Stallion 49 achievements – 1,260 gamerscore
Day 6: Kobe 40pts – Stallion 41 achievements – 906 gamerscore
Day 7: Kobe 42pts – Stallion???(check back on Sunday)

6 Day Challenge Total: 244 achievements – 5,626 gamerscore

2012 totals as of 12:00AM EST on January 13th

Start – Currrent – Total Gain

Gamerscore: 666,666 – 675,395 – 8,729

Achievements: 27,694 – 28,045 – 351