Stallion Doin’ Work – Day 4


A little info on what this challenge is all about.

Kobe scored 26 against the Memphis Grizzles on Sunday night. Which was an off night for him as of recent. On Monday I only needed 26 achievements to pass day 4.

Sunday: Off Day

I ended up playing Pia Carrot and topping that off (700 points worth) and dove back into some Dead Island action with Omega Deez. I currently have that on the brink of completion.

Monday: Challenge Day

I started out with a little National Geographic Challenge! in the AM and unlocked a few achievements in that before sleepy eyes set in. By the time the day was over I had unlocked 23 achievements for 850 gamerscore in Nat Geo. That alone just about put me at the minimum achievements required for the day. A very easy game and kind of fun if you enjoy Trivia, putting together puzzles or board games. Watch out for a nasty save file corruption glitch which happened to me. Make sure to back up your save often when going for the complete all the puzzle achievements. “lord of the dance” “square eyed” and “Let it slide.” Everything else is one and done achievements for the most part.

Rabbids Alive & Kicking for Kinect was next on the menu. That game has some massive TA ratios and understandably so. Some of the mini games do seem a little rough to 3 star and there are a ton of them. I thought it was fun but nothing I would recommend buying. I unlocked 11 achievements for 135 gamerscore before I put it to bed. I’ll probably revisit it during the next challenge day.

Last and least I tried my luck at 11 Eyes CrossOver which I previously played for a brief moment back in November. 6 achievements for 160 gamerscore in that and it took a good chunk of time. I feel like I’m getting close to unlocking the final achievements but it keeps dragging on and on and on.

Total for Day 4: 40 Achievements – 1,145 Gamerscore

The Lakers play again tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow. Which leaves me with another back to back on Wednesday and Thursday.

Day 1: Kobe 37pts – Stallion 38 achievements – 805 Gamerscore
Day 2: Kobe 30pts – Stallion 32 achievements – 505 Gamersocre
Day 3: Kobe 39pts – Stallion 44 achievements – 1,035 gamerscore
Day 4: Kobe 26pts – Stallion 40 achievements – 1,145 gamerscore

4 Day Challenge Total: 154 achievements – 3,460 gamerscore

2012 totals as of 12:00AM EST on January 10th

Start – Current – Total Gain for 2012

Gamerscore: 666,666 – 672,989 – 6,323

Achievements: 27,694 – 27,949 – 255