Saturday, September 15, 2012

750,000 Gamerscore Achieved! Three-Quarters of A Mill, What The Deal? w/ VIDEO

Read all about my latest gaming milestone and watch my newest video.

First off, The video I made for the milestone.

Best viewed in HD

I technically crossed the 750,000 gamerscore mark on Sunday the 2nd of September by accidentally unlocking an achievement in Madden 13.

Complete the Level 4 season goals in one season in Connected Careers.
30 UNLOCKED ON SUN, 02 SEP 2012 16:08:24

This wasn't the achievement I planned to crack the milestone with, nor was it the best of timing. I just started working on the video when the brain fart occurred and I wanted to release that shortly after hitting the goal.  I guess a screw up was only bound to happen along the way. Regardless, I'm happy to be 75% done with this crazy goal of mine that I thought up in the shower around 4 years ago. My girlfriend called me crazy, strangers called me a loser and fellow gamers called me a no life. All of which still happens on an hourly basis. Thanks for the extra motivation, I really do appreciate it.


Special thanks to everyone that supported me over the years! I love you all! You guys make this a heck of a lot easier. You guys rock!

Going on 7 years now of gaming madness - I've unlocked  31,592 achievements  in over 1,140 games. I could list tons of stats, pie charts but the only important number to me is, 750,000. And it was all done by a single man! No shortcuts, just pure will and desire to achieve a goal. Apply yourself to whatever you want to achieve in life,  and a dream, will become a reality. Remember, all great accomplishments require great sacrifice. It's a matter of what you're willing to sacrifice.

Thanks to my friends over at Duxter for supporting my journey to reach a million gamerscore. You'll be able to track my #gamerlife and start living yours over at 


  1. Haha, we all you know you have people all over the world playing games for you, I wonder why you ain't been reset for account sharing, Mr brown tongue.

  2. All the trolling losers always hide behind the anonymous name like the heroes they are. Keep up the good work stallion, all the real gamers know your legit

  3. You are a gaming icon mate.