Friday, August 31, 2012

Daily Update 8/30: Stop and Smell The Roses

Thoughts on all the games I played and achievements I unlocked on Thursday, August 30, 2012.

The Walking Dead

LAST PLAYED 8/29/2012



Image from The Walking Dead

Just go buy it already and remember the wise guy who told you to do so.

Below are the choices I made during Ep3

Do Not Click The Link if you haven't played Ep. 3! SPOILERS AHOY!

I'm curious to see what choices you guys made. Share in the comments if you want.

Episode 4 and 5 - I want you desperately.

赤い刀 真

LAST PLAYED 8/30/2012



Image from Akai Katana

Also known as Akai Katani Shin. This game will stack with the American version which means double your gamerscore! Double your fun! The game is tough as nails, so you'll need to be a master Shump player to achieve the 1k. Good luck on that. Pix or it didn't happen.

The first bunch of achievements have no freaking dates because my Xbox went offline without me knowing. That Sonava Bitch!


LAST PLAYED 8/30/2012



This is a remake of a Dreamcast version back in the day. Under Defeat HD is a helicopter shump, and it's not nearly as fun as Akai. However, the achievements are WAY easier. The 1k should not be a problem.

Roll in the Hole

LAST PLAYED 8/30/2012



1 of 5
Gotta love when Windows Phone games are priced at the sweet 0.99 cent mark, it's just like going to the dollar store, only not going anywhere, just sitting on your ass hitting a button. It's totally worth buying just to have people see it on your card.

Optional titles they should have considered:

Salami in the Hole
Egg Roll in the Hole
Pole in the Hole
Tiger Woods
The whole damn roll in the hole
I be rollin' on dem holes
My Roll, Your Hole
Tim Tebow's: What's A Hole?
Two Rolls, One Hole
So many rolls in Courtney Love's Hole
Jell-O pudding pop that Hole

Got something better? Get at me.

Madden NFL 13

LAST PLAYED 8/30/2012



Speaking of Tebow, I did some Tebowing in Madden 13 and popped a cherry..I mean an achievement. I needed to score a touchdown with Gronk and Cruz so I traded them to the Lions to get that done without alienating my alliance to the Lions. All hail the mighty king of the Jungle. 0-16 record happens to the best of us.

No quick 1k found here.

NCAA® Football 12

LAST PLAYED 8/30/2012



WTF???!!! That is all.

Gaming goals for 8/30
1) A cool 1,000 G -  (NAILED IT!! - 1,270 gamerscore today)

Gaming goals for 8/31
1) Complete NCAA Football 12
2) Complete Under Defeat HD

Earlier today I hit exactly 749,000, 1k away from the 750k milestone. I wasn't trying to, nor did I even know I was close. I just hit my guide and there I was, precisely 1k away. Had to take a pic.

Then I noticed my profile was acting kinda funny - My score was off and all the messages were missing. I decided it was about time to download my profile. 

As most of you know, you can download your profile a zillion times faster now. Doing this made my achievements pop ON TIME and not 15 seconds late. It was strange seeing them pop so fast.

I'm currently 625 gamerscore shy of the Three-Quarters of a Million mark. When I hit these milestones it's the only time I get to stop and smell the roses. So, I'm literally going to chop a few dozen roses up and snort them as if I were Keith Richards offspring. Not really. But what I will do is get started on making a video for the milestone, that will give me a chance to reflect and enjoy the moment. We'll see what happens. 

Stallion in the hole... 


  1. You did the same as me :) Except I talked Kenny down, me and him need to stay tight! We did conspire to kill Larry after all ;)

  2. While I did play Episode 1 of The Walking Dead it's just not my bag... while I appreciate a good story in games the old point and click just don't appeal to me in this form.