Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily Update 8-23-2012

Image from Kinect Sports: Season Two
I didn't get a lot done gamerscore-wise today but that's okay. I managed to put out the All Your Voices Are Belong To Me video and answer 100 or so Xbox LIVE messages. Good times.

First, what I played today:


LAST PLAYED 8/23/2012



Lets face it, Dark of the Moon wasn't all that great. This is! Transformers and shooter fans are going to love it. Best shooter of the year so far? Possibly. It has all the right ingredients. EPIC! Awesome! Cool! All the adjectives come to mind. MIA is the co-op campaign found in War for Cybertron, but you won't care after the 2nd level.

Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm
Complete Chapter IV

I wasn't lying the other day, I'm going to start playing kinect more. Proof!! Not sure why this is in caps....Stupid caps.

Dance Paradise

LAST PLAYED 8/23/2012



  1. Fancy Free
    Fancy Free
    Play 5 different songs in Free mode
    15 UNLOCKED ON 8/23/2012
  2. Master's Dance Degree
    Master's Dance Degree
    Qualify as Star on one song
    30 UNLOCKED ON 8/23/2012

KS: Season Two

LAST PLAYED 8/23/2012



Super Streak
Super Streak
Scored 15 consecutive baskets when playing 3-Point Hero.
25 UNLOCKED ON 8/23/2012 

Okay. Seems I have solved the caps problem, but I'm unsure as to why the three above achievements aren't showing the hours /minutes/seconds. Technology sucks.

I'm out.

Enjoy some messages. 

I saw this the other day, thought it was pretty damn epic and it paints you a good picture of what I look like while playing kinect dance games. :)

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