Monday, July 16, 2012

The Gamerscore Popcast - Episode 49

  • Gaming Highlights and low-lights of the week: NCAA College Football 2013, Zuma's Revenege, Ice Age 4, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Kinect Playfit, Spec Ops: The Line, and Hydrophobia.  
  • News, Rumors and New Releases: Gears of War judgement gets a release date, Angry Birds trilogy gets Kinect support, Halo 4 console imbound and much more.
  • Listener Challenge: Second listener of round 3 is ind1gnationX and he joins us for an interview and selects which host he wants to compete against. A third contestant is also randomly selected. Enter for the next round of " The Listener Challenge" and beyond on our Facebook Page by entering your gamertag anywhere on the wall. All gamertags submitted will stay entered in the random drawing for a to-be-determined period of time.
  • Listener questions
  • Week to week scoring
  • Listener Challenge and interview with ind1gnationX
  • Bloopers

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  1. Sandy Vagina, lol

  2. Finally you'e reached 1,000,000! Nice! But people get bored of things very quickly, if I were you, put the controller down, and give your brain some r'n'r. Interact with your REAL friends more, your probably not even gonna read this here message but its worth a shot, seriously I see what you play and you play kids games and the same game but in different languages for more gamer score, the whole "skill" thing you had going on has just gone down the drain. its just whoring now a company that makes foam for controllers isn't going to support you forever y'know. Get a job, live a little, hopefully you have decent grades you could put to good use, anyway, i hope you read this, enjoy your short lived fame.

    1. That's not really a good point you're bringing up, with the number of games out there you have to play the kids games to get to 1.000.000 and stay ahead of competition