Friday, March 23, 2012

All Your Messages Are Belong To Me

Q: Dear Ray, Thank you for sticking to hunting achievements - my brother was at 128,000 until he died in Iraq - he always talked about you - how you were the best gamer he'd ever seen - i just want to tell you that you're like a brother to me.
A: I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. War is tragic and your brother was a brave man to serve. Keep on living man and do something your brother would be proud of. It's in you, it's in all of us.

Q: we are looking forward you to achieving 1M gamescores :)
A: Thanks for following my journey! I'm going to party like it's 1999 when that day arrives and everyone is invited! Except for the two people that attempted to achievement block me.

Q: damn 


Q: give me microsoft points???
A: Give me microsoft points!!!

Q: how much would you sell your account for, once you achieve your record??

Q: I am glad you have survived the bomb.
A: Believe it or not, but I wasn't playing at the time so I was not bombed.

Q: i have a question
A: Must not be that important.

Q: hope ure doing a vid for 700k. always a good watch.
A: It's up for the world to see. I hope you liked it. I recommend 1080p or 720p.

Q: How do I get my URL added to your bio?

Q: Hey just a question regarding your contest. Did you already have planned out what achievement you're going to unlock for 700k? Otherwise, you can essentially choose the winner(s)...
A: I had "Insanity" planned for at least a month before hitting 700k. So I did not choose a winner and it was completely random. Congrats again to SeanRock101 from Ireland who won the awesome prizes.

Q: are u stallion from facebook?
A: I'm sure there are tons of Stallion's on facebook and most of them probably work at Chippndales

Silly remix but still worth a minute or two of your time.

Q: COMMON GET 700,000 EASY !!!!!
A: Yeah, so easy it only took me 6 years and 4 months!

Q: hurry up and reach 700,000
A: Cool your jets! I'm there!

Q: World's highest
A: Yes sir.

Q: Congrats on 700,000 good sir, it's nice having a mutual friend to easily view your profile
A: Look what people are resorting to. I'm looking at you Microsoft engineer!

Q: how do u get that much gamerscore? message me back please
A: By unlocking achievements in Xbox 360 games.

Q: So close to 700k keep it up cant wait to see you get a mil
A: I think I set expectations too high.
Q: Keep on keepin on! Kobe is gonna help bring you to 750k by the end of the playoffs
A: Yeah, about that......I had to stop doing the challenge so I could get my video put together without smashing the 700k mark. It kind of stinks that I had to can it. It helped me raise my gamerscore a lot when I did it.

Q: 700,000 G congrats   Sent ON 3/10/2012 AT 6:16 PM 
A: 11 days premature.

Q:  Hey bro, what's up?
A: Thinking about what to eat for lunch.

Q: sorry to bother u just wondering how many gs u shoot for per day,week or month? congrats on ur score also. thanks
A: I don't really shoot for a number.

Q: wow man ur awesome, i started gamerscore about 3 month ago and currently on 15150, plz will u send me a friend request? PLEASE??
A: *shakes fist at Microsoft*

Q: Congrats on the world record on gamerscore!
A: Thank you!

Q: u travled to florida carolina?
i looked at 
A: Florida AND North Carolina. Not the same place.

Q: nice gamescore hacker
A: 6 years, 4 months. If i were a hacker i'd be classified as the worst hacker on planet earth.

Q: My idol, can you add me as a friend. maybe you can delete one of your freinds that doesnt play online you you much. thats would be very much a preashed
A: My friends list is set for now.

Q: As you have so many points G, how have you been on xbox live?, greetings!
A: September of 2003 is when I got the internet speed to actually connect.

Q: eres un makina tío ....
A: MACHINE!!!!!! At least that's what I think you said.

Q: do you know the gamerscore promblem and congrats almost to 700,000. nobody can do it like you.
A: Yeah. I wasn't afflicted by that affliction.

Q: can i be your friend
A: Contact M$ and say this: Y U no expand frnds list!?

A: Waaaay!! Totally! Gnarly!! Bodacious!!

Q: mass effect 3 is good?
A: The best game so far this year. It will be hard to topple.

A: This is the first and last time I'll say it, W000000000T

Q: Nearly 700000 :] Any way i can make donations to you?

Q: Hi, I have a question for you. Are you getting sponsored for all your games? Because over the 1000 games is a lot of money you know. So I was just wondering.
A: I don't have a game sponsor but I'm sponsored by a few companies.

Q: Hi stallion83 i have sent you a friend request,i,m from the Uk and have been following your quest for a million,good luck dude,your a legend
A: Thanks for following my quest Steve from UK.

Q: please..send me a message only for me see your big famous gamerscore?
A: Wish granted!

Q: Wait I do hope you accept my friend request because I love games like you but I'm younger so I haven't played as much but you have truly inspired me sir and I thank you.
A: Tell your parents that I'm truly sorry.

Q: go stallion go
A: Toilet motivation! I think I'll go now.

Q: yo whats good. add me . i just want to be a friend of a famous person
A: There's all kinds of stuff that is good. Toast is good. Coffee is good. Games are good. Movies are good. Apple Pie is good. I could go on all day.

Q: Hey, dude, your gamerscore is really awesome! If you reach a million gamerscore points, then I'd probably say you're a pretty cool guy who can do the impossible things.
A: Once again, I set expectation too high. I should of went with

Q: Can you delete some kid of your friends list so i can add you please as i like to keep an eye on what games you play so i know which new games are coming out, thanks
A: If you guys have internet access you can view my profile anytime:

Q: r u holding the highest gamerscore yet?
A: I've had the highest score since summer of 2006.

Q: A very well done on 700k dude, looking forward to your video. I'm guessing hearts on fire from rocky 4 maybe used in it
A: Someone is paying attention! But, no, not used in any videos of mine...yet. But I'm firing that song up as we speak to get a good work out in.

Q: Congratulations - your friendly neighbourhood UK Teacher!
A: Your students must love that their teacher is a gamer.

Q: Congratulations, finally 700.000! Keep going, youre almost there. I hope you can make it to the million.
greetings from Austria, Railroadfighter PS: Pls reply so I can view the profile :-)

A: I don't know about almost. I'm worn out.

Q: Congratulations man. 70% there.
A: I'm not sure if I have that 30% left in me.

Q: Just wanted to say congrats on 700K! I hope that I can hit that some time down the road lol : )
A: Good luck if you try. It's not easy, if it were, everyone would be doing it.

Q: Good job, really enjoyed the video. 800,000 it is then !!
A: I need to celebrate a little before continuing on.


  1. Well Congrats from Greece my friend. Take care!

  2. If all Ray's achievements were worth 10 GamerScore, the Standardized Score would be 459,674 points. I saw this stat and it blew my mind i was thinking it would be around 300k. Congratulations man, video was awesome, really nice of you to do competitions for fellow gamers.

  3. "Q: Nearly 700000 :] Any way i can make donations to you?

    Class, Skinless Ray, pure class.

  4. Wow I actually got in one of these!!! I asked about whether he had his 700k achievement planned.

    Keep it up Stallion!!!

  5. "Once again, I set expectation too high. I should of went with"

    "I'm not sure if I have that 30% left in me."

    --> Are you saying this to prepare your next april fool? :p


  6. So then you have absolutely NO LIFE then. Awesome dude! HAhA. Pizza face! You prolly look like the guys on South Park from the World of Warcraft episode. 700 lbs. and pimples and crap all over your face. 700K....really, get a life or a job and move out of your parents lol....