Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stallion Doin' Work: Day 14,15, & 16 - Tardy Tard/GSPM Debacle

I sat down around mid day on Tuesday to blog about Day 14 and 15 only to find out that a shit storm erupted on the top of my and many others heads in the form of yet another GSL(gamerscore league) drama festival. Shocking! I know. I just want to say sorry to the podcast listeners who were looking forward to the intertwined goodness that would of been. The entire situation was completely out of my hands and I had nothing to do with it from the start or when it went to hell in a hand basket. I was kind of skeptical from the very moment phatal1ty told me about the idea a few months back. I so desperately wanted everything to go without a hitch, no drama, no bullshit. That is where most Gamerscore competitions generally fail as you can always count on these things becoming an epic clusterfuck of massive proportions. I guess some people live for having extra middle school like drama in their lives.

I do deserve some blame for not stepping up and telling Pha. not to use the podcast name. So many characters were involved and I knew it could of easily went down the tube since no sole person was in control...which it did. I guess even if we had not used the podcast name it still would of been pimped on the show. So I really had no control over it without just flat out saying no to the entire thing. I didn't want to be the one. Knee jerk reactions were made and now it is what it is. This isn't a side picking contest; both parties are to blame. Phatal1ty and Sasha butted heads on a few points, most notably the tag teaming rule that was in place from the go. You should not be in a gamerscore competition if you are two people playing on a single tag. Period! No ifs ands or buts about it. It's just not fair to everyone else involved. If you Tag team outside of competitions and for non-leaderboard positions, that's totally cool. That's your prerogative.

Gamertag Chad and Jessie, the community manager over at Trueachievements, thought she was doing the competition a service by joining up with a team. Rightfully so, but the gamertag clearly implies that it is two people on a single tag and it is. If you're the community manager of the site, why join if you know the rules to the competition is that no tag teaming is allowed? It boggles the mind. A service that she thinks she is providing to the competition instantly becomes a disservice. That's not hard to figure out. I'm not placing the lion's share of blame on her doorstep what-so-ever because as I stated before, both sides share the blame evenly, but you're causing a rift and you should not be an exception to the rules no matter what your title is.

It never should of went down like this, especially two days before the competition was suppose to kick off. As a collective podcast group I think we stood firm that it was either all in for tag teamers or all out. The end result was phatal1ty taking her ball and walking. Instead of mending fences, she decided to burn the bridge without getting our input on the situation. I was most disappointed with that.

It's all just a bunch of dork shit though. Children are dying from Mosquito bites in Africa and people have the nerve to start drama over the stupidest shit known to man over phone lines and optical cables.

I don't think the competition is ruined, so by all means, stay in it and have fun. It still should be a blast and I don't think the rule change compromises it all that much, but it does lose some amount of integrity.


Kobe set the bar with 27 points against the Bucks on Saturday night.

Sunday: Challenge Day - at least 27 achievements needed

I'm having to dig deep into the archives to find these numbers....*scatters across the room...throws games, books, and papers all over the place...okay, found the book of archives: "Achievements n Things"*  *Glimmer of light reflects off of the book*

It seems as if I played TextTwist2 and Fragger for the WP7. TextTwist2 is scrabble and Fragger seems like Worms light but with only a single weapon at your disposal; a hand grenade. I played Crash Time II EU or what's known as Autobahn Polizei in America. There's all of three people that know what I'm talking about because the game sold like MC Hammer CD's in the mid 90's. It goes by the full name of Crash Time 2: Burning Wheels but I refer to it as Crash Time 2: Burning itch in your pants. This is my second tango with Crash Time II and how I long for it to be over. The first time was a much better experience once I got over the fact that it is a steamy turd of a game. I currently feel like a tortoise stuck in molasses when I play it, just so bored. I unlocked 11 achievements for 233 gamerscore in CT2. 11 achievements for 75 gamerscore in Fragger. 5 achievements for 27 gamerscore in  TextTwist2.

Pretty weak sauce day overall. I hang my head in disgust.

Total for day 14: 27 achievements - 335 gamerscore (my worst gamerscore output so far during this challenge) (And this time it's facts)

Day 15-
Kobe drops 35 on the Timberwolves Sunday night

Monday: Challenge Day - at least 35 achievements needed

*Gets the book back out*

Hmmmmm... interesting. More of the same but more. Brilliant. I played the following: *takes a deep breath in* *speaks as fast as possible*

TextTittyTwist2, Fragger, Crash Time II:  It burns when I pee, Saints Row The Third, National Geographic Quiz! Wild Life, and Disneyland Adventures. *takes a deep breath out* *shakes it all about?* We had a little hokey pokey vs hokey cokey debate on the newest podcast. I promise you that I'm not crazy.....yet.

At least not this crazy:

I'd bet a large sum of money that Whitney Houston prefers the Hokey Cokey over the Hokey pokey. Just a hunch.

I already covered the three-sum that is TT2, Fragger, and Crash Time II, so I'll start off with Saints Row The Third. I purchased the Genkibowl VII DLC and I was not impressed with it at all even though I have a legitimate love affair with this game. Hell, I would make babies with this game without being trashed. I even gave it runner-up for GOTY and labeled it the most fun game overall.  But this DLC did absolutely nothing for me. I got my completion back, an hour or so of gameplay, and that was about it. I was actually relieved when that waste of an hour was over. After I beat the original content and got the 1,000 gamerscore points back in December, I sat there longing for more, kind of depressed that no game would ever stack up.(not that dramatic but it sounded convincing) It was hard to move on to another game since it was sparks at first sight. Maybe we drifted apart over the months and the long holiday season, but I hope that feeling I once had comes around as time goes by. I will never forget the amazing times we had and I wish you the very best.

10 achievements for 100 gamerscore in Saints Row The Third

6 achievements for 50 gamerscore in TextTwist2

2 achievements for 20 gamerscore in Fragger

7 achievements for 260 gamerscore in Crash Time II.

Nation Geographic Quiz! Wild Life is a PAL region only title. It's very much similar to the US exclusive National Geographic challenge only with a lot more content and much, much longer for gamerscore as well. It's a nice change of pace to sit down and work a puzzle with a turtle neck sweater on. Not sure why I imagine hardcore puzzle hobbyists to be turtle neck sweater wearers. I unlocked 10 achievements for 175 gamerscore.

I finally got around to getting some real time in with Disneyland adventures. It may be long, it may be a grind for all the achievements, but it's one hell of a Kinect game. It's top 5 in the Kinect catalog with ease. They must of finally unthawed Walt Disney to put his genius to use. The voice commands are built-in brilliantly and it just works so well when it comes to controlling the menus, the player movements, and interaction with characters in the world from a Kinect standpoint. It could very well be the bar for current and future Kinect games. Not everyone will like it, but if you can't afford a trip to the land of Disney for the fam, your little rug rat or rats are sure to fall in love with this gem in the comfort of your home.

I unlocked 9 achievements for 135 gamerscore in Disney.

Total for Day 15: 44 achievements - 740 gamerscore

Day 16-
Kobe scored 24 points against the Bobcats on Tuesday night.

Wednesday: Challenge Day - at least 24 achievements needed

I celebrated another year of life on this day. So that's be alive and all. I do feel old when it comes to this game playing biz, however, I am still in my twenties, so I still have a little somethin' somethin' left in the tank. I'm like a worn down vet in the twilight of his career. At least I feel that way.

I think I did pretty dang good today.I started out with Jillian M Fitness Adventures with 2 achievements  and 185 gamerscore.

Briefly played SoulCalibur V and popped 1 achievement for 30 gamerscore. I like what I've played so far, but not enough to give it a fair shake. At this points it's not drawing me in like IV did.

And now for the Japanese bombs. I had these puppies lined up for the first week of the GSP marathon that was suppose to be up on running by the time you read this. I just decided to drop them based on everything that happened and the fact it was delayed a week. I just couldn't wait any longer. The buttons were popping off and I was about to explode.

Mud-luv 16 achievements for 1,000 gamerscore.

code_18 31 achievements for 1,000 gamerscore.

Ever17 23 achievements for 1,000 gamerscore.

Looks like I had my best day yet when it comes to this challenge.

Total for Day 16: 73 achievements - 3,215 gamerscore

Day 1: Kobe 37pts - Stallion 38 achievements - 805 Gamerscore
Day 2: Kobe 30pts - Stallion 32 achievements - 505 Gamersocre
Day 3: Kobe 39pts - Stallion 44 achievements - 1,035 gamerscore
Day 4: Kobe 26pts - Stallion 40 achievements - 1,145 gamerscore 
Day 5: Kobe 48pts - Stallion 49 achievements - 1,260 gamerscore
Day 6: Kobe 40pts - Stallion 41 achievements - 906 gamerscore
Day 7: Kobe 42pts - Stallion 44 achievements - 790 gamerscore
Day 8: Kobe 42pts - Stallion 42 achievements - 725 gamerscore
Day 9: Kobe 14pts - Stallion 30 achievements - 804 gamerscore
Day 10: Kobe 24pts - Stallion 24 achievements - 755 gamerscore
Day 11: Kobe 30pts - Stallion 31 achievements - 631 gamerscore
Day 12: Kobe 33pts - Stallion 36 achievements - 1,060 gamerscore
Day 13: Kobe 24pts - Stallion 24 achievements - 510 gamerscore
Day 14: Kobe 27pts - Stallion 27 achievements - 335 gamerscore
Day 15: Kobe 35pts - Stallion 44 achievements - 740 gamerscore
Day 16: Kobe 24pts - Stallion 73 achievements - 3,215 gamerscore

16 Day Challenge Total: 619 achievements - 15,256 gamerscore

2012 totals as of 7:00PM EST on February 2nd

Start - Current - Total increase for the year

Gamerscore: 666,666 - 688,061 - 21,395

Achievements: 27,694 - 28,505 - 811

Completed Games on dashboard:  540 - 572 - 32

Completed Games according to Trueachievements (DLC excluded) 590

Gamerscore completion percentage: 81.42% - 82.32% - .90%

Achievement completion percentage: 82.38% - 83.10% - .72%

2012 Start: 



  1. You go straight to the point. Sweet!

  2. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion and some facts on what happened, Stal. It’s refreshing compared to all the secretive BS others have been posting about the GSPM. “The end result was phatal1ty taking her ball and walking.” She took her ball and went home. And made sure to take everyone she could down with her. The rule change shouldn’t be that big a deal. Yeah, maybe it sucks, but to bail at the last minute and take everyone you can down with you? Wow. So childish. Not talking about this on the podcast is going to be a big elephant in the room for a year. Congrats, Pha, et al., you’ve disappointed lots of people.
    "I guess some people live for having extra middle school like drama in their lives." Exactly. Grow up!
    And how about one of you 4 guys on the Podcast have the balls to say, “screw it, I’m playing anyway?” Seriously.

  3. “The end result was phatal1ty taking her ball and walking.”

    She was probably just tired of all the posturing and back and forth. I can't blame her for that. There's blame pie to go around so don't place it solely on her shoulders. A disappoint all around but it really is just a silly little game when it comes down to it.

  4. and I failed to mention it is still taking place so there's that.

  5. Saying "screw it, I'm playing anyway" is the same as saying it's all Phatal1ty's fault, which it's not as Stallion said. It's the same to me anyway. I don't place the blame solely on her either. At the same time, I don't really give a shit about the whole situation lol. There's more important things for me to be concerned with in my life. Just figured I'd give my 2 cents since I rarely do.

  6. Almost forgot, it's not a matter of having the balls to say screw it either. That creates a situation where your choosing sides. Not a smart thing to do when one side is part of your group/podcast and the other is a competition that hasn't helped the podcast at all. Burning bridges is a part of the reason it's where it's at. Now it is time for me to go smoke a cigarette. Word.

  7. The "tag-teaming" rule was removed only because there is absolutely no way to entirely enforce it. Sure you can tell the obvious tags to hit the bricks, but every single other tag in the competition COULD be a tag teamer tag. In fact, there probably are some in the GSPM no one even knows about. It's not right to kick some people when you can't prove the rest aren't doing it as well.

  8. To Anonymous above me ^^.

    "It's not right to kick some people when you can't prove the rest aren't doing it as well."

    That is a ridiculous statement. That is like removing murder from the law because, although you can prove some people have murdered, you can't prove that everybody else hasn't either. So you let the murderer off and remove the law.

    Extreme example but it gets the point across.

    Nice blog Stallion, very honest, and it is nice to finally know what all the hush hush has been about. Thanks.

  9. It will be so nice to see your gamercard lose all your hard work man. You deserve to lose everything and get hacked you little man. One day I hope you get modded to a million gamerscore. I hope you enjoy losing everything. Also remember my name Si Petson doughbag