Stallion Doin’ Work: Day 14,15, & 16 – Tardy Tard/GSPM Debacle

I sat down around mid day on Tuesday to blog about Day 14 and 15 only to find out that a shit storm erupted on the top of my and many others heads in the form of yet another GSL(gamerscore league) drama festival. Shocking! I know. I just want to say sorry to the podcast listeners who were looking forward to the intertwined goodness that would of been. The entire situation was completely out of my hands and I had nothing to do with it from the start or when it went to hell in a hand basket. I was kind of skeptical from the very moment phatal1ty told me about the idea a few months back. I so desperately wanted everything to go without a hitch, no drama, no bullshit. That is where most Gamerscore competitions generally fail as you can always count on these things becoming an epic clusterfuck of massive proportions. I guess some people live for having extra middle school like drama in their lives.

I do deserve some blame for not stepping up and telling Pha. not to use the podcast name. So many characters were involved and I knew it could of easily went down the tube since no sole person was in control…which it did. I guess even if we had not used the podcast name it still would of been pimped on the show. So I really had no control over it without just flat out saying no to the entire thing. I didn’t want to be the one. Knee jerk reactions were made and now it is what it is. This isn’t a side picking contest; both parties are to blame. Phatal1ty and Sasha butted heads on a few points, most notably the tag teaming rule that was in place from the go. You should not be in a gamerscore competition if you are two people playing on a single tag. Period! No ifs ands or buts about it. It’s just not fair to everyone else involved. If you Tag team outside of competitions and for non-leaderboard positions, that’s totally cool. That’s your prerogative.

Gamertag Chad and Jessie, the community manager over at Trueachievements, thought she was doing the competition a service by joining up with a team. Rightfully so, but the gamertag clearly implies that it is two people on a single tag and it is. If you’re the community manager of the site, why join if you know the rules to the competition is that no tag teaming is allowed? It boggles the mind. A service that she thinks she is providing to the competition instantly becomes a disservice. That’s not hard to figure out. I’m not placing the lion’s share of blame on her doorstep what-so-ever because as I stated before, both sides share the blame evenly, but you’re causing a rift and you should not be an exception to the rules no matter what your title is.

It never should of went down like this, especially two days before the competition was suppose to kick off. As a collective podcast group I think we stood firm that it was either all in for tag teamers or all out. The end result was phatal1ty taking her ball and walking. Instead of mending fences, she decided to burn the bridge without getting our input on the situation. I was most disappointed with that.

It’s all just a bunch of dork shit though. Children are dying from Mosquito bites in Africa and people have the nerve to start drama over the stupidest shit known to man over phone lines and optical cables.

I don’t think the competition is ruined, so by all means, stay in it and have fun. It still should be a blast and I don’t think the rule change compromises it all that much, but it does lose some amount of integrity.


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