Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stallion Doin' Work - Day 3

Day 3-

There were no days off in between day 2 and 3. Kobe put up 39 points against the Warriors on Friday night. Which left me with at least 39 achievements to gain on Saturday to pass day 3 of the challenge.

Here's how I did:

We started recording Episode 22 of the gamerscore popcast at about the time the game ended. 39 is quite a high mark to get and I couldn't just waste 3-4 hours in a Skype call. But I had a solution. Game while recording the podcast. Genius, I know.

I figured I would just finish up the story in Need for Speed: The Run while we recorded and it worked out great. I ended up with 9 achievements for 340 gamerscore well before we wrapped up the popcast. It ended up being a fun one to record at pig's expense. (Pig jokes welcome in the comments below)

The next day I went straight to work gaining two quickies in Mortal Kombat Arcade. 2 achievements for 25 Gamerscore.

I had Jurassic Park in my back pocket so I knew it wouldn't be too hard getting the 39 achievements needed for the day. I unlocked 33 achievements for 670 gamerscore and made it extinct for good.

Total for Day 3: 44 Achievements - 1,035 Gamersocre

The Lakers and Kobe will take the floor again on Sunday night after being off on Saturday.

Day 1: Kobe 37pts - Stallion 38 achievements - 805 Gamerscore
Day 2: Kobe 30pts - Stallion 32 achievements - 505 Gamersocre
Day 3: Kobe 39pts - Stallion 44 achievements - 1,035 gamerscore
Day 4: Kobe ?? (check back on Tuesday)

Challenge Total: 114 Achievements - 2,315 Gamerscore

2012 totals as of 12:00AM EST on January 8th

Start - Current - Total Gain for 2012

Gamerscore: 666,666 - 670,954 - 4,288

Achievements: 27,694 - 27,895 - 201


  1. I like that you are doing this, but I think you should give yourself some breathing room when he has off days and modify the game to you have to score the achievements before the next tip-off.

  2. Do whatever you feel is right man. What would Mass Defect Shepard do?

  3. Mancide, that seems too easy short term, but I like the thinking though. You're probably right it will probably bite me in the butt in a few weeks.

    Jon, Shepard would kill Rex without blinking.

    Kobe scored 26 tonight.

  4. Was Jurassic Park as bad as the reviews made it sound?

  5. Do you think smrnov will pass you?

  6. no smrnov wont pass ray as ray surly gets free games and dont buy them all with his own $ as im sure he aint s millionaire yet