Monday, January 23, 2012

Stallion Doin' Work: Day 10 & 11 - CP3 Ain't Walking Through That Door


Two days in one. Kobe scored 24 points Thursday night vs the Heat. Followed by a 30 point night against the Orlando magic on Friday night. That's right at the amount of points I thought he would average during this entire challenge.

Thursday: Off Day

A  lot more of NBA2k12 was played and I think I'm a tad addicted to my player mode at the moment.

Made a little more progress in Chaos;Head Noah which I probably should of finished off ages ago. It's not as bad as some people make it out to be. Boring and long, but easy.


Friday: Challenge Day - 24 achievements needed

I started when the clock stuck midnight on the east coast.

Topped off CHAOS;HEAD NOAH right away by unlocking 3 achievements for 260 gamerscore. The game gave me zero problems which was a relief since 11eyes was giving me tons as the previous game spinning in my Japanese Xbox....but I finally slayed that beast.

11 eyes CrossOver being said beast. It took some tinkering before I was able to conquered it. I unlocked 2 achievements for 170 gamerscore. Good riddance! I'm glad that is over and done with. It was driving me nuts for days.

I was all aboard for some Harbor Master, unlocking 1 achievement for 5 gamerscore.

More NBA2k12 and my player. Surprise! Surprise! 1 achievement for 20 gamerscore.

WWE12 consumed the majority of my play time for the day. I managed to unlocked 9 achievements for 200 gamerscore while slowly chipping away at that completion.

Had to get a work-out in so Jillian Micheals was a good way to do that and knock out some achievements at the same time. 8 achievements for 100 gamerscore was the bounty.

Total for Day 9: 24 achievements - 755 gamerscore

Saturday: Challenge Day - 30 achievements needed

Started recording the podcast around 2am EST...make that 3am EST. Omega and myself are now the warriors of the night. We will be the saviors of this great planet if a zombie apocalypse breaks out. Skype being at our fingertips gives us the advantage, both ready to dial 911 at the drop of a hat. Can you even call 911 on Skype? Whatever. I'll just use my cell. Obviously we won't have to worry about zombitches in the daytime when we are actually asleep, the sun will take care of them then. Don't say I didn't warn you when a zombie is sucking on your melon.

I stuck with NBA2k12 while recording. More my player mode gaining zero achievements in about 2 and a half to 3 hours. It takes forever.

Began plowing away at Otomedius G, another game I'm missing a single achievement on. Got a little closer once I actually figured out what I needed to do.

WWE12 dominated my play time for a second day in a row. I unlocked 20 achievements for 370 gamerscore. I'm getting close to that completion but road to wrestlemania drags on like an annoying teenage girl summarizing her day at the mall. I also recaptured my #1 overall wrestling gamerscore title.

I used the Windows Phone game Text Twist 2 to get my score back to 0's or 5's so I can hit 700,000 on the dot. 1 achievement 1 gamerscore. I get a kick out of looking at that game on my card. Bought it for 1 freaking point. smh

Another day of Jillian Michael's fitness and this time I did work up a good sweat. 10 achievements for 260 gamerscore. The seven remaining achievements in JM will take some effort.

Total for Day 10: 31 achievements - 631 gamerscore

Sunday: Off Day

Not a lot of gaming going on here. Played a single game of NBA2k12 and finished unlocking my last card in Otomedius G for a 200 point achievement and the completion.

Glad to see that Super Bowl XLVI will be a rematch of XLII.

The bar is set for my challenge today, Kobe ended up with 33 in a loss to the Pacers on Sunday night. The 3rd straight loss for the Lakers. The Chris Paul trade that wasn't still pisses me off. They need another PG asap.

Day 1: Kobe 37pts - Stallion 38 achievements - 805 Gamerscore
Day 2: Kobe 30pts - Stallion 32 achievements - 505 Gamersocre
Day 3: Kobe 39pts - Stallion 44 achievements - 1,035 gamerscore
Day 4: Kobe 26pts - Stallion 40 achievements - 1,145 gamerscore 
Day 5: Kobe 48pts - Stallion 49 achievements - 1,260 gamerscore
Day 6: Kobe 40pts - Stallion 41 achievements - 906 gamerscore
Day 7: Kobe 42pts - Stallion 44 achievements - 790 gamerscore
Day 8: Kobe 42pts - Stallion 42 achievements - 725 gamerscore
Day 9: Kobe 14pts - Stallion 30 achievements - 804 gamerscore
Day 10: Kobe 24pts - Stallion 24 achievements - 755 gamerscore
Day 11: Kobe 30pts - Stallion 31 achievements - 631 gamerscore
Day 12: Kobe 33pts - Stallion??? (check back Tuesday)

11 day Challenge Total: 415 achievements - 9,396

2012 totals as of 1:00AM EST on January 23rd

Start - Current - Total increase

Gamerscore: 666,666 - 680,655 - 13,989

Achievements: 27,694 -28,262 - 568

Completed Games on dashboard:  540 - 562 - 22

Completed Games according to Trueachievements (DLC excluded) 581

Gamerscore completion percentage: 81.42% - 82.28% - .86%

Achievement completion percentage: 82.38% - 83.15% - .77%

2012 start:



  1. I still can't believe the Pacers pulled out that win... And I get to go to their game tomorrow against the Magic so that'll be fun.

    Think the Lakers aren't as good any more or has something else led to this losing streak?

  2. They are better and worse than last year. Kobe's health is much improved over a season ago.Dude didn't even practice last year. But they have zero depth.

    New coach = new system implemented in a lock-out season where training camp was non existent. Kobe has played under Phil for the majority of his career. The new offense is off, spacing is all messed up and pau Gasol is jacking up three's. That shouldn't be happening.

    They traded Lamar Odom, the 6th man of the year, for a box of cookies. I think Lamar worked better with bynum or gasol rather than Bynum and Gasol at the same time.

    Steve blake is injured and Fisher is old. A rookie running the show at point guard is a complete mess.

    Kobe has to do way too much, they need a point guard in a hurry. Not even a great point guard, just someone else. Clippers have 3 point guards the lakers would take in a heart beat.

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