Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stallion Doin' Work Challenge - Day 1

I gave an intro for this puppy in a previous post.

Here's the gist of the challenge: It's based around how many points Kobe Bryant scores during a game. The day after every game during this season I will try to achieve the amount he scores but with achievements gained. I have to at least hit the number he scores.

For instance, Tuesday night Kobe scored 37 points. On Wednesday I needed to gain AT LEAST 37 achievements to complete day 1 of the challenge.

Day 1-

Kobe: 37 points scored - So I needed at least 37 achievements to pass.

I figured Kobe would score about 27-30 points before the game started. After the first quarter was over and done, I knew he was going to have a good night.

As soon as the game was over I got to work. I wasn't really prepared to get 37 achievements without piling a bunch of games into my disc drive- and that's exactly what I did. It was a very heavy DLC day and I manged to pick up a few long lost completions along the way.

I started out with NASCAR UNLEASHED since I had it on the ropes and was a mere 20 minutes away from a completion. I did just that and unlocked 4 achievements for 170 gamerscore to top it off. I hate Nascar racing games with a passion, but this isn't anything like the other simulation ones. It's an arcade racer who's parents are Burnout and Hot Wheels beat that!. It belongs somewhere in the middle of those two,which equals mediocre. It inherited more of the Hot Wheels gene; bad physics. All that strange car flipping and flopping around like a fish out of water is on full display.

Next I went to gain a completion back from Red Faction ArmageddonPurchased (560MSP) and downloaded The Path to War DLC which contains 10 achievements for 250 gamerscore points. It took around 40 minutes to complete, and like most DLC, it's nothing to write home about.

I had a good lather built-up and was off to a good start, sitting precisely on 14 achievements earned.  23 to go.

Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) was released while I was asleep. I purchased($2.99) and downloaded it immediately after checking out the trial. Z0MB1ES is one of the more famous XBLI games to be released and one of the handful I actually tried. How do the controls translate? Nothing can replace the sticks, but to be fair, for on-the-go it works very well. I recommend using the relative control scheme over the default. I ended up unlocking 8 achievements for 80 gamerscore points. Hard to play in the car while a monkey is at the wheel. She doesn't read this. :)

Started a trend with DLC packs and decided to keep it going with Dungeon Siege III. Another completion taken away like Zelda in her prime. Purchased (800MSP) and downloaded Treasure of the sun DLC which also contains 10 achievements for 250 gamerscore. I snagged 8 achievements for 170 gamerscore before I got bored. I'm not a huge fan of most DLC because it always seems to fall short and never lives up to the original content.

Quick launched the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection from my HDD to grab 1 achievement for 10 gamerscore in a jiffy.

DLC trend still chugging along which made me fire up Once Upon a Monster, to yet again, reclaim my cookie from the Grinch who stole completions. Purchased (400MSP) and downloaded New Chapter! which contains 5 achievements for 105 gamerscore. I liked it! Of course it was over all too quickly like most DLC. What's up with the strange points developers include in thier DLC packs? 105? I just don't get it.

Quick launched SROA and popped 1 achievement for 10 gamerscore.

That makes 37 achievements for the day.

BUT.....I decided to pop one last achievement to show Kobe who's the boss. Kobe Bryant ain't got shit on me!

I ended with a little Spongbob Surf & Skate kinect action. 1 achievement for 10 Gamerscore

Total for day 1: 38 Achievements - 805 Gamerscore

That's day one in the books. Thursday is an off day when it comes to this challenge. What will I do on the off days? I'll still be gaining points just not at a high rate, however, I might add something to the mix in the future.

Kobe and the Lakers play tonight (Thursday) and on Friday. That means a back-to-back for me on Friday and Saturday.

2012 Totals as of 12:00AM EST on January 5th

Start/Current/Total Gain for 2012

Gamerscore: 666,666/669,191= 2,525
Achievements: 27,694/27,813= 119


  1. His hurt wrist should help you out a little bit. But him dropping 37/8/5 does show that maybe his hurt wrist isn't all that bad...

  2. He hasn't hit 50 in a while so he is due for that. But like you said, the wrist should keep him at bay.

    This challenge keeps me going and makes even boring basketball games exciting.

  3. Do you think I should start Leapfrog?

  4. Cool idea, hope you can keep at it! Good luck...

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  6. This is an awesome idea. I'll look forward to following your and the Black Mamba's battle for supremacy. Best of luck and keep up the good work.