The Number of The Beast – 666,666 Gamerscore. Two Thirds of 1 Million Accomplished

333,334 away from 1 Million. I had to drop 666,666 before 2011 came and went and I did just that around 7:43PM EST on December 31st.

Here is the achievement that put me at 666,666 on the dot.

“BEWARE OF THE BEAST” from the Mortal Kombat Kollection.

As you may or may not know, my original idea was to get 666,666 on Halloween. However, I set out for that insane goal too late in the game. I got close but as they say, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Two months late could be construed as failure. In my defense, I did take a tremendous chunk of much needed time away from gaming during the month of December; only playing around an hour a night for a 3 week span.

So, I ended 2011 with 666,666 and I also start 2012 with 666,666. Exactly Two thirds of my 1 Million Gamerscore goal accomplished.

You could say I’m on the final leg of my journey for the triple crown. No horse has done it in over 33 years. Even if my gamertag was not created with a horse in my mind, I’m willing to roll with that analogy.

333,333 is still a lot of gamerscore to gain. As of January 3rd, 2012 only 68 other people in the world have a score north of that. Lets just say there are 30 million people on Xbox LIVE. A score of 333,333 has only been achieved by 0.00023% of all users. And some of those gamertags are probably multiple people on one account.

666,666 took:
2,231 days 

6 years, 1 month, 10 days 
  • 192,758,400 seconds
  • 3,212,640 minutes
  • 53,544 hours
  • 318 weeks (rounded down)