Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Road to The Million: Going S.A.M. Day: 2,200

  • 6 Years, 9 days
  • 190,080,000 seconds
  • 3,168,000 minutes
  • 52,800 hours
  • 314 weeks

  • Total Gamerscore: 657,351
  • Total Achievements: 27,318
  • Total Games Played: 985
  • Total Completed Games: 552

I think I got on my 360 at about 11:45PM and loaded up Saints Row 3. While I waited for Omega, I booted up my phone and downloaded the free Windows Phone game Shuffle Party. I played that for all of two minutes then probably got about 5 minutes of Saints Row 3 in before the clock struck midnight. I need a single commando kill and one more stage of survival to put a bow on Saints. So roughly 7 minutes of play time today and even less time than that to finish Saints....if I can find a commando to kill.  Send me a game invite if you have commandos to kill in your game.

S.T.A.G You ain't got no alibi you ugly
Eh! Hey! You ugly

It's my gamercard, and I'll cheer if I want to
Cheer if I want to, cheer if I want to
You would cheer too if you were in my shoes

Basically I was told I can't play Let's Cheer for Kinect from a friend on live. Said that he would take anyone off his Xbox LIVE friends list that were to play it. I'm here to change his mind.


  1. so sexy, yumm, I'm gonna masturbate really hard right now!!!!!!

  2. Cheerleaders...drool....

  3. um um um ummmmmmm you have some hot ladies in the USA. What would be good stallion is if you got to play them game with some real cheerleaders

  4. opposite of H.A.M.

  5. I'd be your friend without judging you! :P You can do cheers all you want, just dont wear a skirt.. then i might start judging you haha.

  6. only the see-through lucite heels pref with a tip jar in the platform so we can insert coins