Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Gamerscore Popcast: Episode #17

Episode 17 is a go! Stallion83, Pigimus Prime, StophJ, Omega Deez, and Phatal1ty start up game of the year awards with Kinect GOTY, co-op GOTY, and Shooting GOTY. They also talk about their gaming highlights and low lights of the week, news, answer some listener questions and another "who am I" mini game question is dished out. Send "who am I" answers to E-mail:  The winner this week gets Snoopy Flying Aces for XBLA. 

If you want to be heard on the show, please call  (520) 477-6701 and leave us a message with your questions, suggestions, comments or just a shout out.

Make sure to stick around after the outro for the bloopers reel.

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  1. i have a question for the podcast. How do you guys feel about games that give you an ach when you start the game (ie simpson). so now if the game is crap and you dont ever wanna play it again, you're stuck with 1 ach and cant erase it off your gamercard

  2. I think a game gets on your gamercard as soon as you start it up. Doesn't matter if you have gotten an achievement in it or not.

  3. That's correct. But you can delete the game from your gamercard if you don't earn an achievement.

  4. Wow, I'll go ahead and do that for a couple of my games then. I didn't know about that feature.