Monday, December 19, 2011

All Your Messages Are Belong To Me - Deluxe Edition

Q: I didnt know it would actually be true but your my inspiration on xbox ive seen profiles with 1,000,000 gamerscore but they were modders but im glad your not one but you got it fair
A: I definitely earned everything on my own so I do take great pride in what I have accomplished.

Q: I love you i want kids from/with you we both are mens but someone of us can make a transformation to a women :D I hope you are love me 2. :D :D
A: Friends don't let friends drink and text.

Q: Hey whats up, was wondering if you still have fear 1 and 2. Im trying to gather people for online gameplay.
A: drinking coffee, typing a message to you. I still have Fear 1.

Q: love your video!
A: Thank you! You're gamepic is from Saints Row 3 so I guess you are referring to Some Asshole Is In My Pool

Q: seriously is one of the best achievements and hardest and should only be EARNED. from what you said on ign you didnt earn it. you may be a sad role model for some but grinding isnt earning. you have no sense of shame. you definitely havent EARNED the most
achievements yet you clearly cash in on the idea that you do. enjoy your boosting of hard achievements and having fun when playing my pretty pony or hannah montana for those easy 1000s. enjoy getting to 1,000,000. most of those points are bs
many people get to "fame" with a trail of lies. im going to keep playing games and getting achievements i earn, and accept some are hard, but i wont cheat to get them. stallion83= achievement bullshitter
A: Dear Mr. Salty,

Seriously 3.0 is one of the longest achievements, not the hardest. Grinding isn't earning? I guess our definitions of grinding are far different. To me it's doing a lot of extra and unnecessary tasks that you probably don't want to do. Yes, I only have this score because of all the games available. Anyway you want to slice and dice it I would still be #1 for gamerscore. I have my goal and you have your opinion.

Q: Just wanna say that its inspiring to see how hard you work towards hitting that million mark! Despite all the hate you get you trudge along. im sure i dont just speak for myself when i say this: You make me proud to be a gamer! Much respect Ray, Good luck
A: *takes a bow* Thanks for the words, it really means a lot.

Q: you have cool videos on youtube what is the stand of your gamerscore?
A: Thanks! I would have a ton more if I had the time. Hopefully there will be a new one soon. Right now I'm at around 693,000

Q: Hey Stal,
Just letting ya know to keep up the good work on the podcast, just can't get enough of it and keep working on getting those achievements! Have loved all of them thus far! Thanks, Andrew
A: Thanks a lot for checking it out.

Q: so when did you begin getting achievements? you know, becoming a loser?
A: so when did you begin getting jealous of other people? you know, becoming a cunt?

Q: wow you have a lot of games, i was wondering if you wanna be friends, i would like to talk you :p
A: Yeah, lets be friends!

Q: It stings when I pee...
O.o Your move Stallion.
A: Unoriginal bastard!

Q: holy shit your gamerscore :D lol. it would be cool if you wrote back
A: Consider yourself written back.

Q: Can not get better than you "ROCK ON"!!
A: *breaks shit*

Q: Wow 1 million wish I was as good as you.
A: not there yet, but getting closer every single day.

Q: how do u get that high of a gamerscose
A: Playing games and being the most dedicated gamer on planet earth for the last 6+ years. I had a dream, that one day all gamers would be treated equally. That our hobby would be belittled no more because of the stereotypes cast upon us decades ago. I'm here to smash that in the face.

Q: 666,666k that would be bad ass
A: done did it.

Q: CHANGE YOUR GAMER PIC!!!!! lol jk :)
A: Survey Says: Hell no.

Q: I really hope you reach your goal, I thought I was good at getting achievements, you know what you're doing!
A: Thank you. I aim to.

Q: ride me
A: YEEHAW! I gotta warn you, my buck is worse than my bite so be prepared to hit the ground.

Q: hey dude i seen u on youtube and wanted to check out legit gamerscore and your gamerscore is actually really high i only had an xbox for a year now if u have the chance check out my gamerscore keep it going man u can make it to 1,000,000 gamerscore
A: Cool. I'm glad you found me. Lets hug.

Q: you are the big boss
A: Okay...the things complete strangers say.

A: Maybe if I knew what you were talking about. Walking dead perhaps? It aired new on Sunday. But no, you can not came over next week and watch it with me unless you bring beef jerky. A Full bag and you can't have any. My zombies, my rules.

Q: nice score if its legit
A: nice attempt at a compliment.

Q: your so awesome :3
A: as are you

A: It took me 6 years to create a number someone could write down in a second. God created the world in 7 days. Not a good comparison.

Q: Hey Stallion83 i am a big fun of you and i want to be friends and i want if u are going to accept me as friend(probably not :_( )to help me boost my gamerscore and also have fun!!!PLZ accept!!!
A: I would accept every request that came my way if the list was unlimited, but it's not. Microsoft doesn't want us to be friends.

Q: When I was hating on you guys it was a total misunderstanding. Xbox LIVE gamer Shuckey would talk about Stallion83 saying that Stallion83 carefully hacks his gamerscore and at the time I didn`t know he was a lieing piece of shit.

Now that I know about Shuckeys past (I googled Shuckey), his lies, and his bullshit I don`t hate you guys anymore. I will help you guys with whatever achievements you need if I have that game.

Now I know that Stallion83 does not hack his achievements.
A: About time you get your head out of your ass. I don't hate you or anything, but stop being so naive in the future and think for yourself before you speak.

Q: Hi, I recently just found out that you were the Guinness World Record Holder for most GS. Wow. I myself am a major achievement freak. I started my profile in August 2011 and am already at 29578. I may not ever reach the point where you are at...

...but you are truly a hero for a Achievement freak like me. I would appreciate if you accepted my friend request. Thanks.
A: That's awesome dude! Keep it up.

Q: can u post a vid on youtube plz coz im susbscribed and want to see an new vid

A: patience my child. It should be very soon.

Q: i saw your website it's cool
A: Thanks. I think it needs some work.

Q: what gamerscore are you at now?
A: 693,411

Q: Hey, u don't know me but good luck getting to 1 million gamerscore, hope u get there. Also just wandering what rank are u in halo: reach
A: Thanks. Not really sure.

Q: Heeeeeey friend. You should reply so I can compare games with you
A: I guess this messages helps you out about 0%.

Q: Nice work on achieving such a high Gamerscore! Well done. You should also be proud of yourself for making it into the Guinness Book of Records. :)
A: I am. I dust it every hour. I rock it to sleep every night like an infant. I can't wait until I'm an old man so I can whip it out and show the youngsters what their grandpa did. I can hear it now"stop boring us old man."

Q: you almost there!!!!!
A: I still have a long ways to go.

Q: Will you mod my gamerscore to 1 million I saw your video on youtube and im like damn thats a lot of gamerscore!
A: All natural, baby.

Q: going for the gamerscore gold go 4 it
A: Platinum!

Q: how long have u been having your account

how long did it take
A: Since 2003. It took me over 6 years now for the gamerscore.

A: I'd like to hear all about your amazing one. Do share.

Q: My hero
A: I could never be your Enrique.

Q: Wow nice you've increased 100,000 gamerscore since I've last looked! (monstamaniac98) yep I got banned
A: Bad boy. Oh well. Walk the straight and narrow, my friend.

Q: Yeah, so I'll start with an introduction, I'm rooting for you to be the first to get 1M gamerscore. And now that I'm introduced, I just gotta say, being one of the top people on my list it's weird to think that someone out there has about 10x as many

Stupid 250 limit. points as me. I just want to let you know, that watching you achieve this goal has given me a new goal in life. To also break 1M points at some point. Unoriginal, I know, but still. Good luck and one day I'll be up there in my score
A: Good luck man. You'll need it.

Q: Good luck on getting 1mil. If only I had 650k gamerscore lol
A: Thanks sir.


Q: Raymond how u have so many achievements for japanese/chinese games do u speak there language
A: I do not. A lot of them are actually in English. Some of the story book ones have guides that a fellow makes who does speak the language. He is a good man for making them.

Q: Hi mother how are you?
A: I think that's the first time someone has ever called me mother. A new dis?

Q: Hey, I'm sure you get this a shitload but best of luck on the quest to a million, and is there going to be a new blog post today?
A: yeah, this one. And your it it!

Q: hi can u talk
A: No.

Q: nigga fuck you face is how do you get 600,000?? I am Brazilian and I saw a site here and this guy turned his fan .. add me please
A: I'm not even sure on this one, but please, stay the hell away from my face.

Q: i know ur inbox gets blown up constantly but im an aspiring achievement hunter and if there was any way u could clear a spot on ur friends list so i can keep up with ur journey and get achievement ideas id appreciate it man. thanks
A: If all of us could only join hands and go to the Microsoft headquarters and raise hell outside with Picket signs. That might actually get something accomplished, but only come if you have a high tolerance to pepper spray

Q: Hey man, I have wanted to start going for a high gamerscore, but I get kind of tired of it, do you have anything to say to keep me motivated?
A: WIN! I don't know if I could say something to get you motivated. I'm motivated by anything I do in life, not just gaming. I think you either have it, or you don't.

Q: do you whant 10th free? on all cod?
A: I could care less about that. That's baby shit compared to what I'm trying to accomplish. Every dog has taken a piss on that territory.

Q: Hey man, love your videos! Keep going!! 1 million GS will be epic bro. Gratz again
A: Thanks man! I really wish I could do them all the time.

Q: please dont delete the friend request i sent you if dont know i just saw you on television Good Game:sp about your record breaking gamerscore i want to add you also i have been supporting you on your journey plaese andd me i will be online tomorrow
A: It never came through. None of them do. I would gladly accept it if it did come through.

Q: got any words of advise becase ima still stuck at prissy ass 10,000 and i been playing for almost a year and oh your my role model
A: I'm not sure man. Do what makes you happy.

Q: LoL..... archievemet¡¡¡¡¡¡ 1000000¤ ?
A: no?

Q: yer prtner cnt hit 5k a day
A: uhhhh

Q: Hi Raymond how r u when uget to 1 million can i fly to america and celebrate with you
A: Of course. I plan to spend my 1,000,000 gamerscore points at the strip club. Make it rain Cheevos all over the club. 1,000,000G, BITCH! Then shot myself in the leg with a gun I don't have a permit for. That type of stuff never happens...

Q: A guey estas chulo(;

Im This big[_____________________________________________] <-------thats my locochon
A: Amazing! Thanks for sharing the size of your vagina with me. My Spanish is great!

A: I'm legoed out to the max.

Q: how do u get that much gamer score

i saw all of ur youtube videos about your gamer score how do u get that much gamerscore u hav over 500000000 games u have the highest gamerscore in the world
A: That is correct.

Q: I have more GamerScore on Mafia II.
A: Give this man a trophy!

Q: hey whats up dude im a big fan and im just saying that im gonna try to beat your score cause i like gamer score too and im trying to be on top
A: 2050 will pass and you'll have about 50k.

Q: hey dude how good ur my player on 2k PS I LIKE YOUR GAMERSCORE!!!!! :}
A: 80 something. If my gamerscore had feelings it would probably like you back.

Q: Dear-Stallion83 i just wanted to know how many days it took u to get all those achievements. Sincerely- HotSouce78 P.S if u could please reply to this message it would make my day thank for ur time.
A: 2,274 days, 324 weeks, 54,576 hours, 3,274,560 minutes, 196,473,600 seconds. I'm tired.

Q: First of all i must admit I am very nervous :( Because I've never talked to you before but i want you to ask If you could be my friend because I love you and i Respect your Gamerscore very much. I Hope you can answer me.
Dear Raphael

and By the way should I help you getting 100% in Modern warfare 3 or Battlefield 3?
A: thanks for the offer man but I'm good on both.

Q: booyah fucker! changed my gamertag. u like?
A: meh. You wasted 10 dollars.

Q: Make a new vid @ 700k
A: I will.

Q: plz can u make some space on your friends list and add me oh and congratz for makin it to the one million mark

Q: Do not release, courage for 1000000
A: I shall not waver

Q: I <3 YOU
A: I < 3 you back. 3 is greater than 1 btw. I know maths.

Q:  do you really have over 300k gamerscore?!

Q: What all can you mod?
A: I can modify a piece of paper into a paper airplane.

Q: Hey. I follow you on twitter and on THE potcast stallion doing work. I hope u accept THE friend request.
A: I can promise you that there is no pot being smoked while recording the popcast. But I can see why you would think that.

Q: Hello my gamertag is Starkiller2497 and I am a fan of yours! I think I sent you a friend request but I am not for sure it worked. Although I am only 14 I have a goal of my own! Right now I am at 6265 gamerscore but my goal is to get 100,000! Someday!
A: I hope you make it there man! 100k feels good.

Q: how did you beat alvin and the chipmunks3 chipwrecked? I'm having trouble getting 5 stars on a couple of songs. any advice will be greatly appreciated.
A: The quick answer: I have not.

Q: are they doing a midnight release on tuesday?
A: vague much?

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