Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Collection Piece by Piece - Xbox Turns 10: Xbox Launch Stuff

A very rare wallscroll used to promote Halo in Japan some months later.

And that's me a full 10 years ago on senior trip just before the Xbox arrived. Boy does time fly.

I could not find a single one of my original "duke" Xbox controllers to take a picture of which is odd since I have at least 3 of them hiding somewhere around here.

I just remember being blown away by Halo, PGR being extremely fun and DoA having jaw dropping  graphics.

I did get my system at midnight on launch day with these games.

I had a PlayStation too, in fact, I bought that at midnight on launch day as well a year prior. Xbox appealed to me more than Playstation over time because Microsoft focused on online gaming more so than Sony did. It was built-in the box and I definitely saw what was coming.

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  1. I remember NFL Fever being the SHIT! and the theme song "NFL-a fevaa"