Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All Your Messages Are Belong To Me - Deluxe Edition

Over Sixty of your burning questions answered.

Q: Hey, i would like to know how long did it take you to get to 600 million gamerscore and how long do you think it would take if i wanted to go for half a million gamerscore?
A: 2081 days. A very long time.

Q: when do you expect to reach 700k?
A: I can't predict the future but I would say Feb 1. 

Q: Just listened to my first Gamerscore Popcast #11. Great show keep up the great work!
A: Awesome! Everyone should give it a listen

Q: Is disney universe worth a purchase? What are the achievements like? :)
A: Not worth a purchase. They seem ight.

Q: Quick question: On average, how much Gscore would you say you earn every year?
A: Keeps going up each year it seems. A lot.

Q: i know you cheat impossible gamerscore without www.xboxgamesaves. unlike others you know ways to cover your tracks your well documented as a cheat just nobody can prove it.You are also a pirate puss in boots unreleased ben 10 unreleased toben 10 is not released for weeks neither is puss in boots OOPS War in the North too delayed until 25th November

Q: hey i followed u on twitter and look at ur posts ur rly cool and ud make me and my friends rly happy if ud add me i kno u have better things to do but it wud be rly cool if ud add me. Signed a big fan of yours sgt peanut4
A: Thanks for the follow! I can't add anymore friends at the moment because 100 is the limit. 

Q: add me please, a big fan from brazil (:
A: Wish I could but my list is full.

Q: good luck for 1million gs und greetings from germany
A: Thanks.

Q: r u stoping at 1 mil 
A: Slowing down might be a better word depending on the scenario. A break will be in order but I wont ever stop gaming.

Q: Is that game any fun? Huge fan btw. Love the GS popcast. Good luck on your journey to 1 million gamerscore. Please reply if your not busy :). -Jake
A: Not sure what game you are referring to, it probably was a pile of dung. Thanks for listening and I need all the luck I can get.

Q: thts a biggun :/
A: Damn straight!
Q: I Pooped when I saw your gamerscore :S
A: You're welcome.

A: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It was all going according to plan until you decided to call microsoft support. You're too much! You should be a doctor with that big brain of yours.

Q: thank u man your my idol i wanna be like u
A: Just trying my best to represent gamers and gamerscore folks the best I know how.

Q: yo keep it real G
A: You know how I be?

Q: Ray, any chance we'll see a similar video to '600000 Gamerscore *WIN*' when you hit 700,000? That was a cool vid and was done really well. Cheers.
A: Two steps ahead of you my friend. Well....maybe a half a step. Still in the planning stage.

Q: How do you have so much gamerscore?
A: By scoring gamerscore points.

Q: I feel bad for you, you dont have much gamerscore :(
A: Gamerscore is for losers. I play COD all day which is waaaay more cooler and totally different.

Q: To all players on x360a's Leaderboards. None of you have 1000G for Kinect Sports Season Two. You cannot get Golf or Football achievements. They are confirmed fake. No one can do it except PGA & NFL players. Don't play this game. It's for age 13-21 only.
A: Good thing I play professional Football and Golf. I need a new ball washer boy.

Q: Good luck on getting 1 million gamerscore.
A: Thanks

Q: hey man i am totaly backing you to reach 1 million gamerscore, good luck, message back if you can
A: Is "backing" code word for something else? I'm not down with that.

Q: Hey Ray, I'm a big fan. I love listening to the gamerscore podcast's. Keep it up! you'll have 700k by the end of December I bet.
A: Cool! Thanks for checking it out.

Q: reached 1,000,000G yet?
A: The question that makes me want to pull my hair out. Yet? Sorry my pace isn't quick enough for you.

Q: are u top player in world
A: That is correct.

Q: on lego batman what button is it 2 do a backflip
A: A, B, X, Y, RT, LT, RB, LB, LS, RS, or select. One of those for sure.

Q: good luck on your quest to 1 million you make me wanna try harder for achievements
A: Thanks.

Q: u r awsum
A: I'll take it.
Q: good job
A: thx

Q: U rox :D
A: out with my cox out?

Q: how many games do you have playa??
A: 200-300 retail on 360. More for original Xbox.

Q: could you some show gamplay of you using Xtend play on utube please :))
A: Since you asked so nicely maybe soon.

Q: love your gs man
A: Just don't get it sticky.

Q: do you buy all of your games
A: I do not buy them all. I do buy a ton though.

Q: Is That Game Fun
A: Haven't tried "that game" yet. Any fun?

Q: number 1 in the world! top man! any chance of a hand with halo reach please? do you speak? just wondered if you wanted to get the reach achivements??
A: I'm honored that you would like to play with me but I don't normally play with strangers. Not saying I won't, I just don't much.

Q: Im all in on hoping 4 you 2 reach 1,000,000 Gamerscore! :D Goodluck, from shortCHAO 2 X
A: #teamStallion in full effect. Edward and that other cock knocker better watch out. yes....that was a twilight reference. *removes balls gracefully*

Q: nice gamerscore
A: Why thank you.

Q: how do u have all those points are u addicted
A: Not addicted at all just sticking to my goal. Too late to turn back now. Gong the distance!

Q: can u send me a reply so i can check out ur gamerscore
A: @ is my usual reply to this Q. I think it's about time to switch up my generic message back.

Q: Wow your real loser. You need to really to get a life .
A: What the people came for.

Q: You're awsome man!!!
A: Awesome! Loser! Awesome! Get a life! Amazing! dick lick! Can it just be one or the other? I'm tired of this dance.

A: smh...why can't people see my score? WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY!!!???

Q: Hi, I was wondering if you could friend me. I am a huge fan.
A: Still waiting for Microsoft to up that cap. You guys can check me out on twitter and facebook. I'm more likely to interact on there than Xbox LIVE anyways. Too much coming in.

Q: is ur gamerscore legit?
A: Absolutely! 100% all mine.

Q: I always wanted to know this but who is the guy in your public profile picture?
A: Ari Gold from the HBO series Entourage. It's gone from the Marketplace now.

Q: hey there, I was watching a video of yours a while ago and I noticed the green holder you had for the bottom of your controller? I'm sure youve been asked a million times but can you tell me what it is? thanks
A: XtendPlay. Weird looking product and maybe strange feeling at first since you're so use to holding the regular controller a certain way. I've used mine for a year now and can't go back. Trust me, I tried. The hard plastic feels too strange to me and the controller itself is just too damn small without xtendplay. Only girly men would disagree.

Q: hey could you message me back so i can view your gamerscore :) thanks
A: it stings when I pee. I already need another line. DOH!

Q: Dear Stalion83 you have inspried me so much to get 1 million gamerscore keep it up im with you all the way best regards x eMuzer xx
A: Awesome! If I have inspired one person in this word to be better at anything then I have done my duty. I'm not trying to inspire anyone to be a gamerscore whore, not at all. I'm just trying my best to make gaming more acceptable on a larger scale. Because we all know the stereotype that is cast upon all gamers. In the gamerscore community I take the brunt of the hits while everyone else gets to walk around unscathed for the most part. Unfair criticism left and right and quite frankly, I have bitten my own tongue to the point where there isn't much left. It's all part of the master plan but the mission is far from complete. Lets just put it this way: If Stripclub was carrying the torch we would all look bad. So I did something about it.

Q: hello stallion i havent talked to u in about a year or so i have a question if u dont mind asking wat makes u want to get every achievement possible
A: I like achievements! I like to game. If I talk about a game you can clearly see if I have played it by my achievement progress.

Q: u sexy animal
A: meow!

Q: Can u delete 1 of your friends so I can become 1? If u respond type yes or no.Please say yes.

Q: can u help me get my gamerscore up
A: Sorry I cannot.
I'm on a mission and you're wishin'
someone could cure you're lonely condition
You're lookin for love in all the wrong places

Q: hey bro nj i look up to you :D ur freakin a beast bro.
A: Thank you good sir.

Q: u got to burn with me
A: Gaming is my only drug of choice.

Q: how many gamerscore d0 u hav
A: 659,186

Q: hey i want know about Take On Me achievement that can replay all levels with 2nd controller or must go new game all way end for its registe that achieveme t i talk about game is happy feet 2. i want know if achievement work in replay levels
A: I have no idea if you need to start a new game. I did it on the first run.

Q: {o_o} what a fuck whit you
A: This is perfect time for the Pigimus prime or Nick....ummmm?

Q: Your gamerscore is inspiring.
A: Go beat some hanging cow carcasses for me!

Q: is your gamerscore legit
A: So natural 

Q: i just gotta let you know your my idle
A: I'll take it even though it's spelled wrong. :P

Q: Hello plz can you add me thanks
A: The 100 limit really does suck.


  1. I think the friend cap is a blessing for you. Just imagine if you added everyone that wanted you to. ENDLESS streams of "this guy is online" "this guy wants to play" "this guy penis penis penis" and you'd never able to tell when an actual achievement popped.

  2. That number would be high. I just don't know how high. It would be interesting, but like you said, very annoying.

  3. It's heartbreaking to see negative comments. I know you don't let them get to you, and I respect that, but what is it about some people that keeps them from appreciating an accomplishment?

    Well I am not one of those people. My wife and I are both very impressed by your Gamerscore. We check in on your blog often to catch up with your progress.

    Keep up the good work my good man, there are those of us, who can appreciate time spent working towards a goal, no matter what that goal is. Kudos!


  4. Q: is ur gamerscore legit?
    A: Absolutely! 100% all mine.

    Q: is your gamerscore legit
    A: So natural

    I Love this hahaha hey stallion are you legit? Stallion83-hmmm ermm try giving a straight answer and stop dodging the question although you never will answer that with a true answer because you would end up getting reset am i right? haha yes i think so

  5. Lets hope smrnov beats you to a million gamerscore & it will wipe that smug smile off you & you rent a bride slut wife

  6. Dodging? absolutely and 100% all mine seems pretty definitive to me.

  7. haha if you say so but to me it looks like ur answering a different question you see people are asking are you legit? not is that your gamerscore? no shit its yours its own ur account think about it is a hackers gamerscore not all his?

  8. Great answers. One thing i always wanted to know. Do you play with the notification on (minus achievement notification)? I guess you must be getting a bunch of messages throughout a gaming session.

  9. Like I have told you before...I LOVE your responses to the messages you receive!! It is truly hard to believe that there are this many ignorant people on XBL.

    My friend got a message the other day on TA asking "What is your gamertag?" Seriously?

    Keep up the good work,

  10. Setting it to busy now will disable everything except achievement pops. So I do go busy a lot.

  11. Hold on here... are you SURE I can't hit Start to do a backflip in LEGO Batman?

  12. Come to think of it....I'm pretty certain. Everyone knows the start button takes you to the cheats menu and you start doing real life backflips.

  13. Definitely need to see more youtube videos from you!

    Also, is Phatal1ty hot?

  14. @Comment #4: u mad bro? Did Stallion not add you to his friends list?

  15. I have a Q. How often do you play? Every day? And for how long? Really respect your hard work and dedication. Keep it up!

  16. How in the blue hell can you balance game time, fitness, work, youtubing/podcasting, AND putting the pynus to the lady? With my job and commute, I can maybe average 2 hours of gaming a night with NO social life. How do you fit it all in? I'd request a pie chart, but then you would have to make another slice of said pie chart for making pie charts for stupid commenters

  17. That was kind of annoying.

    I'd hate to be you.

  18. I love that about 99% of those questions had so many grammer errors haha

  19. have to feel trapped. It was all good in the beginning. But with a fella close to snatching your "title", it seems you can't do anything but hold that controller- as playing Xbox 360 has now defined you. I feel sorry for ya.

  20. Some excellent responses Stallion!

    Loving the pie chart comment, I started going to the gym, barely been on the xbox in 4 months. :-( It is amazing how you manage your time!

  21. How do you do a backflip on Lego Batman? Haha, what a hero!

  22. Is Gamefly your main source of where you get games?

  23. hey looks its mr horsey stallion83 greetings from your friend zakke wylde i cant wait till your score finally gets reset

  24. I don't get why people hate... I mean hell even if your gamerscore is hacked that is on your conscious not theirs. So, why do they care so much?. But hey no matter what good luck man. I nearly did a spit take when I saw a video of you not too long ago and saw that you use XtendPlay as well. That thing really is the best and I completely agree it is impossible to switch back.

  25. I want to preface this by saying I've been following your progress for the better part of a year now, and I was wondering: are you concerned about how close smrnov is to overtaking you? I know you've got ~20K GS over him and I can only imagine it's good for motivation, but still, he's been knocking on the door for a while..

  26. Hi Sir Stallion83. I'm a fan of yours here in the Philippines. Just want to ask how do you take a screenshot of your xbox dashboard? I also want to chronicle my gamerscore each day. Hoping for your answer. Thanks and more power!

  27. You know its stupid how people think you hack your gamerscore I mean dont you think he wouldve been kicked off Xbox Live months maybe even years ago.