Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Gamerscore Popcast: Episode #10

Episode 10 is here! Stallion83, Pigimus Prime, StophJ, Omega Deez, and Phatal1ty talk about their gaming highlights and low lights of the week, news and upcoming releases,  Gamerscore League 10,  answer some listener questions(new voice message question), and an update on the week to week leaderboards/achievement guessing game.

If you want to be heard on the show, please call  (520) 477-6701 and leave us a message with your questions, comments or just a shout out.

Make sure to stick around after the outro for the bloopers reel.

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Download Link: The Gamerscore Popcast - Episode #10 (right click to save as)

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  1. You all make it bearable for me to be at work on Sunday's by getting the podcast up. THANKS!!!

    EN1G X Dozer

  2. That song at the end was awesome, I love the bloopers omega does an awesome job editing this podcast, You and pig are my favorite on the show, phatal1ty is always funny and geeks out, then stoph is a pretty good host, nothing against him just isn't my favorite, keep it up and i'd love to see the next podcast to be over 2 hours!

  3. I agree with bananaster stophj sucks you should replace him

  4. Yeah, replace him with Rand Al Thor or smrnov. Or at least get them on as guests one week.

  5. What the hell, guys. You couldn't cut the Off the Record spoiler out or at least give a warning? Don't know if I'll be listening anymore because of this. Really shitty.