Saturday, August 27, 2011

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I didn't get much gaming in yesterday for reasons mentioned in a previous blog post, but I got a little further into Deus Ex. It's probably a game you should pick up right now if you enjoy action, shooter, stealth or rpg games. Seriously, it's one of the best single player experiences around and very much worthy of a purchase. It's tight!

We, as in we I mean Phatal1ty, talk a lot more about Deus Ex on the next episode of The Gamerscore Popcast which was recorded from 4am to 7am EST earlier today. Talk about a horrible time to record, I may of said all of 5 words the entire show, hi and possibly bye, so don't expect much of anything from me. I really wasn't up for talking at all, but I wanted to be there.  Episode 3 will more than likely be posted on Sunday and on the show you will find details on how to win a download code for Alan Wake. Brilliant game if you haven't played it yet, so thanks to phatal1ty for providing that awesome treat for our listeners.

The blog post from yesterday was a good test for my facebook fans, nobody liked it, which in this specific case, was a good thing. :)

Time to play some games and work on a larger article, bounty from yesterday incoming.

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