Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All Your Messages Are Belong To Me

Leon McLane
Win Stallion Win!

you are an inspiration to me. keep up the good work

Found your Facebook Page At Random, And I dident believe it till I seen it! Just wanted to say goodjob / good luck and hopefully you can earn that 1,000,000G Your going After! Your More Then Welcome To Add Me HoltJI10 Other Then That GOOOOOD LUUUUCCK

T9 Drainz

Respect from Austria! you made it

Just wanted to say best of luck getting 666 666 by halloween! Now that'd be tough but awesome! I like watching it go up haha. =D

o LaMbErT v2 x
Nice, heard on IGN your gamerscore is now over 600,000, thats AMAZING!

Ur a boss!! lol i saw ur gamer score and i cant wait to see u get to 1 million.... its gonna be so sick!!

Cx iFaiLzz iv
It is such an honor to be sending a message to an xbox 360 legend :D i was wondering if you would accept my friend request :) it would be much appretiated :) Thanks :) full support of you getting your 1 million gamerscore by the way

xSsx WiCKeD x
Dude, your Amazing! You're my idol! I will try to achieve as much Gamerscore as I can in Honor of you! Good luck with the 1 Million Gamerscore Goal! Keep up the great work! ^_^

AiiR JoRDaN 23

CPz i7UPz
Hello im a Gamerscore Hunter from Germany {and one of your fans ;=) }... pls dont scared when you become some Chat invites, i only send invites to look your Gamerscore^^ Thx 4 Read

Thanks for all the messages once again. I can never keep up with them all but I try my best.

The Gamerscore Popcast feedback 

These are a collection of messages sent to the entire Popcast Crew.
nice podcast it is really good and funny

Hi, this will probably be 2 messages so I'm not spamming. The podcast are...amazing:) the second one is being downloaded to my IPad right now and I'll listen to it soon. I was thinking, maybe you could have something on like a regular day for

You guys. Also like what your family/people you live with think about your gaming. Or if there's something you always do while gaming. Like eating a certain food, listen to a certain band, ect.. Anyways, I'm anxious for more, so keep them coming:)

Great podcast. It would be good if you talked about the new games released and how easy the cheevos are to get on them. Then again, that's sort of information you don't want to give away.

I am curious what games you guys got all 1000 gamerscore in the quickest.... besides Avatar TBE, everyone knows that one lol. Maybe you guys could discuss which ones you finished quickest? I really enjoyed the popcast and I look forward to more!

I thoroughly enjoyed your guys' podcast from your blog. Keep it up! Would it be okay if I add you so I can listen to the future ones?

Amazing podcast, I especially enjoyed your contributions, including the one about the end of the world not being a desired situation.

great popcast <3

loved that pod cast

Hi! Nice GS popcast! I'm halfway through it. How's Lego Pirates? I heard you say it has tricky puzzles. Is it worth getting?

The 1st show was great! Content wise.... maybe discuss when you all first started Xbox/going Pro for achievements. Your first achievements. I'd request more but i dont know how in depth it'll bewhat you all do besides Xbox. Stallion's goal after reaching 1millionG. spendings on videgames/gaming in general. Hope these helped. Goodluck! Congrats!

hey! just listened to the popcast and saw that youre list wasnt full so i sent a request = ) great show! loved all your humor grats on the fruit ninja score. thats pretty impressive lol. hopefully ill be able to catch up to you all in gamerscore soon = P

heard an interesting podcast last night it was funny hearing a familiar voice on there

it's really good and funny

please please PLEASE talk about stal falling asleep in gears lol

Thats the reason I added you, I enjoyed it :) Oh and your NZ accent is the best, I wish I had one haha you shouldn't have let Stallion tell everybody to add you :P 

liked the show. my fav was the out takes haha. i know you have a lot of host all in diff time zones, i hope you dont skip a show just because one person cant make it. even if its two people i would still want to listen

Great podcast!! ^^ Here a little gift for you: "Xbox Loves You" Girls T-Shirt: JXWYK-37MTM-QF7DJ-FMP9G-PCPDZ Cheers

awesome show can't wait for more

That podcast was really interesting! I hope to strive for achievements like you all! Keep up the pod casts and the great work!

Enjoyed the popcast. Is it going to be a weekly cast?

Loved it :-)

hey i listened to the gamerscore popcast last night and i wanted to let you know that you guys did an awesome job and the show is brilliant.

Thanks for all the feedback and we are all thrilled about the positive comments.

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