Thursday, August 25, 2011

Achievement Bounty Catch Up 8-17 - 8-24

Achievement Bounty 8-17-2011 - 8-24-2011
Sorry for the lack of updates....again. It seems like every 100,000 I need a chill out period just to get back on track. I'm not quite sure if I have fully recovered yet, but I want to be. There's always a difference between wanting and knowing. My mind and body, for reasons I will explain, are just not ready yet. I'm like in a all systems shutdown mode due to overheating.

I read a few people comment about how I can't do what I've been doing by myself. Not just the gaming part, but everything. This is why I suffer at certain points, I am alone, and I just get fatigued. I basically kill myself by going the extra mile on everything I do, that's just me. This blog might turn out to be the diaries of a mad man (maybe it already is?) if I don't learn to throttle myself.

I still have such a long ways to go but yet I want to celebrate. Being on top for almost 5 years now is reason to boogie down to me. I knew this journey would be a challenge of wills and it's actually 1,000 times harder than I imagined. So excuse me if I'm dancing in the streets naked once I do get to the ultimate goal, which I believe to be the holy grail of all gaming goals. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll get my mojo back at or around September the 10th.

Achievements obtained from: Fruit Ninja Kinect, ionBallEX, Sudoku, Gears of War 2 (JP), Minesweeper, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.2, NCAA Football 12, and Deus Ex: HR.

Total Gamerscore: 603,490
Total Achievements: 25,080
Total Games Played: 887
Total Completed Games: 515

Thanks to RedBull for hooking me up with this sweet looking DS!


  1. Stand up and fight, soldier.

  2. You can get anything! IF YOU WANT! :)

    Stay hard, and you will get it. You are not alone!

  3. Way to Go Stallion. your the Man!


  4. Are you hearing yourself, your whining like what you do is hard. Oh no you get to play games and not work. People in the world have to work everyday just to get by but your life is tuff??? Grow a pair of balls and do something with your life. I but your to much of a puss to reply to this.

  5. You really think this is easy, don't you? What do you know about it?

    Reply to 100's of messages every single day, See what that feels like after a few years.

    I am not complaining about what I do, just stating why I'm in a slump and being honest about it.

    is it harder than bailing up hay everyday? Probably not. Harder than mowing lawns everyday? Yes

    Like a friend recently told me; "I'd give my left nut to be you . But I would also hate to be you."

    Basically 24/7/365 I'm challenging myself mentally and physically.

    6 years of 110% dedication. No single gamer on earth is as driven or as dedicated. You can take that to the bank.

  6. Well for a start you know your not alone. I know for a fact I wouldn't still be doing what we do if it weren't for the awesome party chat's we end up being involved in. And I'm 100% sure you would not have gotten this far if you were truly alone!

    Sure, you've hit "the gamerscore whore wall" but you've been there before, and you've picked it back up again....and again!

    sept 10th really couldn't come quick enough

  7. Party chats FTW! I Meant alone with gaining achievements and all the other stuff involved with being out there for a lack of a better term.

    I have some awesome friends that I've never meet, that's for sure.

  8. for what its worth you are amazing... for the rest of us seeing avid gamers blog/tweet/podcast its always an inspiration.

    You are doing something you love, it shows... living your dream and sharing your passion.

    I hope you find the drive you need to see you through to the end, all the best for GSL... high tide lifts all boats