Friday, August 12, 2011

Achievement Bounty 8-11-2011

Achievement Bounty 8-11-2011 
(4 Achievements) (30 Gamerscore)

Achievements obtained from: Skate. and Sudoku.

Total Gamerscore: 601,415
Total Achievements: 24,990
Total Games Played: 882
Total Completed Games: 510

So, it was an interesting night trying to get the skate En Fuego! achievement at the 11th hour. EA servers were being shut down somtime during the 11th and I found myself, once again, in a race against time.  I was being hounded by some griefer you tried really hard to stop me from getting the achievement. He used multiple tags and was taunting me at every corner. He was impossible to beat once let alone 6 times in a row because he had modified the game. He followed me around like a puppy dog into every gametype I jumped to. He had one mission: To block me from getting that achievement....Forever.

I asked him to leave me alone and he replied:

and then later on I got another:

In the end I was victorious but it took me way longer than it should have. WIN!


  1. Funny, I'd probably be just as exicited to help you get an achievement, not block one.

  2. That's a bit harsh. Some people live to be the nemesis! Congrats on an apparently tricky achievement.

  3. I attempted to help him that day and he won 5 in a row when that loser Spliff managed to join in. Glad you managed to get the achievement after all Stallion :)

  4. If you want to get the K Ron Spliffs back, report him. His gamerscore's been modified, most notably online only achievements in GTA4 offline, and a bunch of games "played" on 5/5/2010.

    Can't tell if the green hair is from the avatar editor's easter egg or if it's a mod. Modded gamerscore and avatars usually go hand-in-hand though.

  5. Think its funny Stallion thinks i was cheating on skate. NO possible way to cheat skate ive looked into it. And yes my achievement are hacked, NO its not modded hair, Avatar easter egg.

    BEING IN THE TOP 20 ON THREE ACCOUNTS on skate, UMMM.... ya im gonna kick ur ass each time.Skate has BEEN OUT FOuR YEARS think u could have gotten that one legit.......Not my fault u sucked at that game

  6. well i played skate for 4 years and yes i tried modding the game but their is NO WAY TO MOD SKATE!!! i was in the top 50 ovr on skate i could beat K RON SPLIFFS all day and you think he modded skate stallion83 just cuz hes better you think he was cheating wow quit boosting achievemetns and get them ALL LEGIT then and yes i modded my gamerscore as well and got reset for it but thats all that will happen i just made a new acc BIG DEAL people think modding is MURDER

  7. You were doing something to exploit the game. Don't play that shit with me. Blazing by me jet style in race events doesn't seem obvious at all....

    I never claimed to be good at skate. However, I was beating other folks that night. It was basically the first time I've touched the game in 2+ years and I did't have that much experience in it to begin with. And you think it's some goddamn achievement to beat me?

    We played a game within the game and I won the game we were playing. Good try though, it actually made me laugh instead of being outraged.