Thursday, August 11, 2011

Achievement Bounty 8-10-2011

Achievement Bounty 8-10-2011 
(18 Achievements) (475 Gamerscore)

Achievements obtained from:  Army of Two (EU)  and skate.

Total Gamerscore: 601,385
Total Achievements: 24,986
Total Games Played: 881
Total Completed Games: 510

Progress towards 666,666 by Halloween.

Doesn't seem realistic at all.


  1. Let's make your '[starting] early 2006' 5 1/3 years of popping achievements - 1948, approximateley 2000 days, resulting in 600k GS. This equals an average of 300 GS/day.
    Sadly this underlines your last sentence, even if we suppose you can go as strong as 800 GS/day for 'some time', 80 days is a whole lotta time...

    Anyway, keep going, we'll be backing you all the way, regarless the time it takes.
    I'll be looking forward to 666,666 GS by Christmas (485 GS/day) =)

  2. good luck with that 800+gs a day, you better step it up. whenever you get there though, hopefully you can get it on exactley 666,666