Monday, August 8, 2011

600,000 Gamerscore Across The Web

Joystiq -Top Gamerscore(r) crosses 600,000

"You know, the word hero gets thrown around a lot, and in the process it's lost some of its meaning. Some of its power. But we're not sure the term has ever been more accurately applied than it is to Raymond Cox, whose record-breaking Gamerscore has just reached the milestone of 600,000. Cox crossed the last big hurdle -- 500,000 -- over nine months ago.

When does a meaningless number become instantly meaningful? The moment yours is higher than every other person on the planet. That's when."

Destructoid - Highest gamerscore record holder surpasses 600,000 points

"To celebrate the event, Cox has created a video which he says was "inspired by a scene in Rocky 2 when Adrian tells Rocky to win while laying in a hospital bed." So yes, raw eggs were consumed.

But what's next for Stallion83? Well, according to his blog post he's now aiming to reach 666,666 Gamerscore by October 31. He's fully aware that this goal will be tough to reach, writing that: "It's probably just a pipe dream on my part with less than 3 months to go and about 66,666 gamerscore to gain."
Will he make it? Hopefully, because I want to see him in a Halloween costume drinking more eggs."

Gameinformer - Stallion83 Celebrates Breaking The 600,000 Gamerscore Mark

"Well, that settles it. There's exactly one guy that gets to brag about his Gamerscore, and that's Raymond Cox a.k.a. Stallion83.

Many people out there brag about having a higher Gamerscore than their friends -- some poor, deluded souls even invite public riducule by cheating to raise their Gamerscore"

IGN - Xbox Gamerscore Record Holder Breaks 600k

"How far away from 600,000 points are you?"

"Raymond Cox has taken his record-breaking Gamerscore over 600,000 points"

X360A - Stallion83 Breaks Through the 600,000 Gamerscore Mark

"Still, you've got to respect the insane amount of effort that must have gone into attaining that ludicrous Gamerscore. 600,000G. Think about that... Madness."

Kotaku - Get a 600,000 Gamerscore. Make A Silly Video.

"Because why not? Gamer Stallion83, aka Raymond Cox, is on a quest: to be the first Xbox 360 owner to earn a gamerscore of one million."
"It's got raw eggs and one-armed pushups. What else do you need?!
Stallion83 is the Guinness Book record holder for the highest gamerscore."

Eurogamer - Xbox Gamerscore record holder hits 600k

"The gamer who holds the world record for the highest Gamerscore has just hit 600,000 points."

1up - Gamerscore World Record Holder Surpasses 600,000

SFX360 - Journey to 1,000,000 GS Points

"His next goal is 666,666 GS by Halloween this year. It will be a tough challenge and will require hours and hours of gaming but he is looking forward to the new releases this Fall to help him reach his goal."

GameVicio - Com 600 mil de Gamerscore, Stallion83 é o Rocky da vida moderna - Gamerscore 600.000

TFTS - Stallion83 Passes 600,000 Milestone On His Way To One Million Gamerscore

"As many of you will remember, Stallion83 is working toward being the first person to achieve one million Gamerscore. He’s still got quite a ways to go, but hitting 600,000 means he’s closer to the end than he is the beginning."

VG24/7 - World’s keenest achievement hound tops 600,000 gamerscore

If you’re a fellow achievement chaser, you might feel intimidated by Stallion83′s titanic presence. But the Rocky-inspired video he posted to celebrate topping the big six is nothing but motivational.

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