Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WP7 Reviews Tentacles and Sally's Salon

I didn't have time to try out Tentacles last week so I'm giving you a double post this week. Tentacles released on July 20th for $4.99 and Sally's Salon Luxury Edition released July 27th for $4.99. Impressions after the break.
Tentacles ($4.99)

Tentacles is an action adventure game of sorts. A bizarre game in which you play as a monster who navigate maps bye grabbing on to things with it's tentacles to pull you forward. You have to tactically grab surfaces to avoid danger and closing gaps.The game is very challenging. There are speed and damage challenges in each level you must complete to earn 3 stars along with not dying. there is combat of sorts through grabbing at enemies. Achievements in this game will not be easy. but all in all it is a very solid game. I feel it is worth the five dollar price tag.

Bottom Line: Buy It!
Achievement Difficulty: 7 of 10

Sally's Salon Luxury Edition ($4.99)

And along comes another game to bring ridicule through XBL messages. As if those of us with a bit of a gamerscore problem don't already have our sexuality questioned enough after Hannah Montana, My Horse and Me and Women's Murder Club along comes Sally's Salon. The game plays very much like Star Wars Cantina or Diner Dash you simply manage events on screen as they happen in an attempt to keep customers happy. Very simple game play nothing ground breaking. I'd be tempted to complain about the price but you get 75 levels and survival mode for your five dollars. Give it a try your inner hairstylist may love it.

Bottom Line: Try It!
Achievement Difficulty: 3 of 10


  1. I'm still patiently waiting for the circumcision WP7 game, "To Cut or not to cut, that is the question"

  2. Better yet, we need a cheese packing sim!

  3. Anyway, you won't be able to gain the last achievement on the circumcision game, "Finish All Levels On The Hardest Difficulty Without Getting Circumsized" 25G