Sunday, July 31, 2011

Countdown to 600,000 Gamerscore. The Final 1,000

3:00PM-- (1 Achievement) (40 Gamerscore) Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon. 


40 away

12:41PM-- (1 Achievement) (20 Gamerscore) NCAA Football 12

12:17PM-- (1 Achievement) (20 Gamerscore) NCAA Football 12

Now just 60 gamerscore away.

12:10PM--  add me on G+ if you have it, rather lonely place at the moment.

11:15AM-- Thanks to Omega, Rand, Stoph, Cru, Fro, Smrnov, TJ, Mango, Coolkidjoe. To the foreskin peeps over in the UK. DUB, The Power Parsons family tree, nick, pig, and bond.

Thanks to x360a,trueachievements, 360voice, xbox america and all the other sites representing gamerscore/achievements.

The Sparling bros for making XtendPlay. Shameless plug, I can't help it! Use Code STALLION for 10% off at or for European gamers on

Last but not least thanks to my girlfriend for putting up with me. 

10:57AM-- Seems like the right time. Let me shout out to a few folks before I pass out for a week.

10:4AM-- (2 Achievements) (20 gamerscore) Cro Mag
 Best review on the internet, it's terrible!

100 away

9:40AM-- (1Achievements) (20 Gamerscore) NCAA Football 2012

9:25AM-- (1 Achievement) (20 Gamerscore) NCAA Football 2012

9:05AM-- (1 Achievement) ( 20 Gamerscore) NCAA Football 2012

August 3rd

8:29AM-- Suggestions on what achievement or game to use to crack 600,000 our welcome. Speak now.
160 away

8:28AM-- (5Achievements) (310 Gamerscore) in NCAA Football 12

5:15AM-- (4 Achievements) (55 Gamerscore) in NCAA Football 12

NCAA Football 12

4:12AM-- (3 Achievements) (30 Gamerscore) NCAA Football 12

600 away

2:59AM-- (1 achievement) (8 Gamerscore) in Sally's Salon: Luxury Edition. Got my score back to even, so enough of that game for now.

2:14AM-- (2 achievements (8 Gamerscore) in Sally's Salon: Luxury Edition.

1:40AM--(1 Achievement (10 Gamerscore) in Sally's Salon: Luxury Edition.

August 2nd

11:17PM-- (1 achievement) (4 gamerscore) in Sally's Salon Luxury Edition

Prior to 10:26PM--
NCAA Football 12

NCAA Football 12

NCAA Football 12

NCAA Football 12

8:38PM-- I'm still alive! 

August 1st

9:02 AM-- Kinect Labs is being difficult, always freezing up. Onto something else, got a lot of crap to do today.

8:57 AM-- (1 Achievement) (5 Gamerscore) Kinect Sparkler

8:52 AM-- (2 achievements) (10 Gamerscore) Kinect Sparkler

705 away

8:08AM--  Earlier the mountains completely screwed my shot for what I thought would have been the best scene from the upcoming 600,000 video.  hope it turns out well because I have little time now to get it together.

July 31st

L.A. Noire

720 away

Army of Two

5:10PM-- As you can tell I'm in no rush getting to 600,000.
Army of Two

Army of Two


Army of Two

8:20AM -- I would love to live stream this but here's the problem. Best I can get where I live. :(
Epic failure


Dirt 3

Missed the capture of a 20 point achievement in Dirt 3.

Dirt 3
Dirt 3
1,000 away!


  1. You can do it!

    Run, Run, Run! :))

  2. I can't even load fun labs because it freezes before I can choose a game. Suggestions?

  3. Apparentaly, you can launch the games from Quick Launch instead of going into the Fun Labs App

  4. The last one in battlefield bad company:)

  5. Lazy raiders? Easy arcade with a few tough ones. Make it a challenging ach since it's a great milestone

  6. You should go for 600k achievement in Guitar hero 2 if you haven't yet. The pic for that one is a guitar tab that says 600k on it

  7. assassins creed brotherhood should your 600k

  8. this is pretty anticlimactic... youve been 1000 away for the last 3 days..jeez. BTW, its pretty obvious you suffer from insomnia, just saying.

  9. don't have insomnia, just still on UK time. I had to stop and smell the roses. :)

  10. Army of Two (EU) Retirement Savings Plan

  11. Lol. At least you have a sense of humor.

  12. "Army of Two (EU) Retirement Savings Plan"

    I'll get you my pretty and your little foreskin too.