Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beards & Beaks Review (WP7)

This week on Windows Phone 7 marks the release of Microsofts first in house created and published Windows Phone game and with it comes a not so surprising twist. Read more after the break.

What is Beards & Beaks? It's a strange game where you control Gnomes and fight against Crows in various formats. There are levels in which you collect jewels, death match and attack and defend. The game play is very simple and the achievements are honestly very easy. You have 3 types of Gnomes at your disposal the worker, the launcher and the doctor. Using combinations of them you try and complete your objective as quick and efficient as possible to earn "3 Gnome heads" though there is no achievement for 3 starring everything. This game is certainly worth a try but you may want to read the next paragraph before hitting that buy button.

With this being the first Microsoft first party developed game for the Windows Phone it introduces a new feature to the phone as well... Paid DLC... That's right you can now buy extra levels and content for the phone games. Which in it's defense i would happily pay for more Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies or even Fable Coin Golf content. But, Beards & Beaks just doesn't have that level of appeal. They do give you one free map pack which is achievement free and the option to buy a second for a dollar 80msp. The real problem with this games micro transactions is the special powers in game require mushrooms to use, you get ten mushrooms an hour. want more mushrooms? You can purchase them early for 40msp a pack. That's right 50 cents an hour to play a game on your phone. If I don't complete it today blame the mushrooms and microtransactions.

Bottom Line: Try It! Achievement Difficulty: 2 of 10
As a side note I hope this marks the return of me writing on here at least once a week. Please leave some feed back to keep me motivated or remind me how much I suck.


  1. you suck. nah just kidding I miss your weekly WP7 reviews. looking forward to Tentacles and Hasta La Muerte among others.

  2. Microsoft inventing new ways to take our money? Yep, you're right, no surprise there!

  3. I love your blog(s) I really wish you would write much more, your opinion is one I hold in high regard due to the shear number of games you've experienced.

    I really want to hear how your completion challenge is going and it would be nice to have one place to read things, but its not so bad.... RSS ftw.

  4. And you thought people didn't read your stuff haha.

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