Friday, July 15, 2011

Achievement Bounty 7-14-2011

Achievement Bounty 7-14-2011 
(20 Achievements) (200 Gamerscore)

Achievements obtained from Beards and Beaks.

Total Gamerscore: 594,755
Total Achievements: 24,677
Total Games Played: 870
Total Completed Games: 505

What about Bond?

I really can't believe I'm still over 5,000 points away from 600,000.

I blame Pigimus Prime, Bond 007, and Power Parsons for sabotaging my efforts and making me a slave to Gears of War 2 horde mode. Mr. consistency himself, The Nick 1987, only deserves a slight bit of  the blame for having a Happy Shopper internet connection that lags out at least once or twice per 50 waves.

Why so much horde? The Japanese Version of Gears of War 2 has an achievement called, "Horde Master" which is for completing all 29 maps to wave 50 which comes out to 1,450 waves plus the ones we have to redo for Mc Laggy.

This horde nonsense has become an every day event and it truly feels like ground hog day. Mr. I hate everything (except for steel books) and the world sucks, Bond 007, always needs more, more, and more because a single 50 wave grind is never enough to satisfy his appetite to be tortured.

If I had the time I would tell you about how Power Parsons seeks out other trash bins (Sam fisher Style) to throw his own dirty nappies (diapers) in. Or how Pigimus Prime likes to lube himself up with Muscle Juice.

But no time, gotta go, time is points, points is time.


  1. Good luck trying to boost the online ranked ones, made an attempt last night but groups of japanese players kept getting matched up with us. To no avail, we failed to match up once.

  2. hi I'm looking to get a windows phone 7 and was just wondering witch one you think is the best for gaming

  3. is it true you have a friend who lives
    in a volcano and thinks your journey is ridicleas? I bet u have no idea what im talking aboot?

  4. "hi I'm looking to get a windows phone 7 and was just wondering witch one you think is the best for gaming"

    I'm really in no position to tell you because I've only used the Samsung Focus. It works fine for me, so no complaints.

  5. What do you do for a living.

  6. He games. Why? Something against it? Idiot.