Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Leapfrog Part Tres: Day 31 & Kinect Fun Labs

Achievement Bounty 6-6-2011 
(38 Achievements) (365 Gamerscore)
Achievements obtained from:  MX vs. ATV Alive, iBlast Moki, Build A Buddy, Bobble Head, Kinect Me, Tiki Towers, Deer Hunter 3D, and Turning Point [FR/DE]

Total Gamerscore: 578,265
Total Achievements: 23,803
Total Games Played: 843
Total Completed Games: 494

Day 31 of Achievement Leapfrog: PASSED
(at least 38 achievements needed)
38 Achievements  
365 Gamerscore

It seems as if E3 is taking place. Did I miss anything exciting?

Kinect Fun Labs Build A Buddy. Obviously I scanned in my favorite buddy, my XtendPlay.

Kinect Me. It didn't seem to capture me well at all. You be the judge.

Last but not least we have Bobble Head for Kinect Fun Labs. I get this weird grainy look when taking pictures on kinect so it puts dots on my face like I have freckles. Nothing wrong with freckles, not at all, I just don't have them covering my whole goddamn face. But you can't really tell from the cat picture below. Now I sort of know how Ralphie felt wearing that rabbit suit in A Christmas Story.


  1. So Kinect Fun Labs has achievements tied to it? When I started it up, it didn't show up in my played games history

  2. Yeah, they sure do. I didn't know either until I scanned my body in kinect me and one popped, I was surprised. 50 gamerscore for each gadget thus far. All free stuff too!

  3. How much Gamerscore is associated with Kinect Fun Labs? Like 300 or so?

  4. Right now, 4 gadgets each with 8 achievements for 50 gamerscore a piece. So 200 gamerscore at the moment, but more incoming.

  5. Oh, ok. So the achievements aren't hard to get?

  6. Not so hard, but some needs a little bit of grinding. Here are some very helpful guides if you stuck: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=2289

  7. Man you guys posted some FUNKY ASS pictures on my friend feed for achievements. And Bota needs to shave his dirty face LOL.

  8. do you have a game collection or do you just use gamefly