Friday, June 17, 2011

Completed Games Update: 500

# 490 MX vs. ATV: Alive

 #491 Kinect Fun Labs: Bobble Head

#492 Kinect Fun Labs: Kinect Me

#493 Kinect Fun Labs: Build A Buddy

#494 iBlast Moki

#495 Green Lantern: Rise of The Manhunters

#496 Red Faction: Armageddon

 #497 Burn it All!

#498 Kinect Fun Labs: Googly Eyes

#499 geoDefense

#500 Zombies!!!

A nice little milestone before I crack 600,000.

I've been up and down with the completed game thing, sometimes I love it and other times I despise it. Despise might be a strong word, but when stuff glitches, and it happens, it's discouraging. Instead of dwelling on it too much, I tend to move forward. Over the past two years I've left a lot of stones unturned, maybe once I cross 600,000 I will work on flipping those suckers over.

This count is for all the original achievements in a game. That's the only way you can put a number to a game without it fluctuating.


  1. Nice one, finally the shiny gold completed games badge! One of my goals :D

  2. Are you human ? If so you are a legend

  3. it's pretty impressive getting so many games 100% so far into your leapfrog. i take my hat off to you!

  4. You should have made your feelings known in the completion debate thread on trueachievements!

  5. You morons who think everyone cheats or is a hacker, especially when he like a few others actually even give you the proof right in front of you, you still go and decide to ignore the evidence and gaming type journals... Seriously... Don't you think that by almost breaking 600,000 Microsoft would be able to find him so easily, not to mention he's in world record books. Someone like him could not hide if he was a hacker or a cheater. I myself am proud to see a gamer work hard and have enough patiance to complete things. A gamer should be these things, Achievements and completling games are nothing more then challanges set aside by the gaming developer and company to challange a player and make him work to better himself. Anyway tho i have ranted on to the jealous ones too long who doesn't deserve the talking to. But congratulations and to you many more complelted games and advancing yourself to the top of your goals :)

  6. You take steriods you door

  7. Everyone just shut the front door please

  8. I see a lot of haters here... Stallion83 You da man!!!

  9. pretty cool man good luck ur almost out of games to hack