Monday, June 27, 2011

Achievement Bounty 6-26-2011

Achievement Bounty 6-26-2011 
(14 Achievements) (190 Gamerscore)
Achievements obtained from: Dungeon Siege III, F.E.A.R. 3, and The First Templar.

Total Gamerscore: 590,150
Total Achievements: 24,433
Total Games Played: 866
Total Completed Games: 502

Now that leapfrog is officially dead I'm not sure what's next. Obviously I'm looking forward to reaching 600,000 in the next few weeks, but then what? I'm still going to stick with new releases but maybe I can come up with something else to keep myself going beyond 600,000. What that is? I have no idea.

I'm really pleased with how this leapfrog went down, but thinking I could keep it going  forever was a bit naive because every time I've done a leapfrog, I always seem to hit a wall. In my mind, climbing the leapfrog ladder all the way to 100 was and is doable.

But a little math shows to get that done in 97 days (10-100 achievements with 7 failed days=97days) is almost impossible as the number to pull off such an epic feat is 4,995 achievements. I just don't see that being possible for me, maybe if I started from scratch it's likely those numbers could be reached.

Failure is an option if you reach for the stars and give it your all.


  1. What about a gamerscore leapfrog?

  2. or have it the same as the third, just with any excessive achievements spilling over to the next day.
    this way you can, if you build up enough buffer in the first few days, get a bit further than 50, i guess.

    good luck.

  3. Try do more achievements/gamerscore then the best result you have had same date previous years? beat 5 days each week to progress forward to next week

    Good luck! You rock!

  4. aw i was hoping you'd go to 50 then start going back down