Monday, May 2, 2011

Leapfrog Part Tres: Day 2

Achievement Bounty 5-1-2011 
(16 Achievements) (265 Gamerscore)

Achievements obtained from: Game Room, GR- Pitfall!, and Portal 2.

Total Gamerscore: 561,305
Total Achievements: 23,036
Total Games Played: 812
Total Completed Games: 472

Day 2 of Achievement Leapfrog:
(11 achievements needed)
16 Achievements 
265 Gamerscore

Leapfrog total:
30 Achievements
515 Gamerscore

If you even remotely enjoyed Portal, run your ass to the store and get Portal 2. Great game and worthy of all the praise it has received from the press. Some great lines of dialog that had me rolling.

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