Sunday, May 22, 2011

Leapfrog Part Tres: Day 15

Achievement Bounty 5-21-2011 
(28 Achievements) (465 Gamerscore)

Achievements obtained from: L.A. Noire and Virtua Tennis 4.

Total Gamerscore: 569,060
Total Achievements: 23,348
Total Games Played: 822
Total Completed Games: 479

Day 15 of Achievement Leapfrog:
(24 achievements needed)
28 Achievements
465 Gamerscore

L.A. Noire is easily the game of the year so far. I love how they included real life actors, makes it more authentic. The graphics as a whole aren't the greatest, but the facial mo cap is unbelievable, making it a cinematic experience. Finally some cut-scenes worth watching, amazing stuff!

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