Monday, May 2, 2011

Leapfrog Part Tres: Day 1

Achievement Bounty 4-30-2011 
(14 Achievements) (250 Gamerscore)

Achievements obtained from: Portal 2 and Game Room.

Total Gamerscore: 561,040
Total Achievements: 23,020
Total Games Played: 812
Total Completed Games: 472

Day 1 of Achievement Leapfrog:
(10 achievements needed)
14 Achievements
250 Gamerscore

It may be time for another leapfrog challenge, hopefully this new structure is win but won't induce shingles. HERE is some history on the leapfrog challenge.

The rules for achievement leapfrog part tres:
The starting point is 10 achievements and everyday that passes the minimum amout of achievements I need per day goes up 1.

For example. Day 1: 10 Day 2: 11 Day 3: 12 and so on. I can go over, but not under. If I do go under I have 7 get out of jail free cards to keep it alive. (again, I can't be getting shingles during this run) So it's pretty much the same as the last except with a few more get out of jail free cards.

The tricky part, I'm going on vacation in a few days.

Hopefully I can keep it going up until 600,000, which is the plan.


  1. That's a solid anti-shingle plan.

    I'm definitely not a nay-sayer, but I've wondered, with the amount that you play, do you ever suffer from mondo eye fatigue?

  2. I do have a wild left eye twitch going on at the moment. But yeah, I have to stop looking at TV sometimes because my eyes are fatigued.

  3. good luck, i dont have the dedication (or time) for something like thi but it does sound like a great way to get the GS up

  4. omfg, get a life seriously!