Thursday, May 26, 2011

All Your Messages Are Belong To Me

King Slater III

why do you say you have 1 million gamercore when you have 5 hundred thousand

ll FR33M4N ll
How in the hell have you got over 500,000 gamerscore???

Sean of Duty
Love you buddy <3 No homo.

Logidyl vH
Hey i got respect for you are the most awesome dude in the world keep going

Will you please send me a message so i can view your profile? Thanks

S83: I get this one a lot and I usually send one back. @ is my normal reply.

M40A3 Lives on
whats easiest arcade game 4 gs

S83: Harm's Way is one of the easiest and it's free!

Hi, I don't know you but I am proud of you

congratz on the record but on your site you said stuff all cheaters or something but in a way you cheated because you played games not from your region

S83: Having a Japanese or Pal Xbox doesn't make you a cheater, that's ludicrous.

LordVader 2011
Hey stallion im sending this message to you:YOU ROCK MAN (HIGHEST G) I have only 31000 Because in Brasil all games are too expensive... Contiue this hard work to get 1 million G. Good luck !!!

wow ur gs is really high

S83: I thought it was low until I received this message. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
nice record
did u hac or how did u do it tell me how

S83:  Nope, a ton of dedication. I sometimes hack when I have a sore throat.
iSpOnGe v8

How Much Gamerscore Have You Got? I Got Told It Was About 1 Million

S83: My goal is 1,000,000. Only 57.2% there
saw you on and then read your bio. Just wishing you best of luck on your road to a million g score. Do work bruh!

oVenomous Gamer
its taken u 7 years to get 560 grand it will probably take 6 more

S83: Gamerscore was introduced in November of 2005, so no, not 7 years. 7 years is how long I've been a Xbox LIVE member. I'm trying to hit 1,000,000 in the next 36 months.
hey man good luck on 1mil. hopefully you get it by the next xbox release. hopefully they have achievements on there too. anyway wanted to say that you look a lot like david meshow, if you know who that is, like you could be his brother

hey 1st good luck im following u on twitter and 2 are u not wourid about running out of games

S83: Thanks for the follow! Not worried about that at all, they keep coming at a high enough rate.

you are beast dont stop unlocking u are achievement god

S83: props to you for not being worried about your gamepic appearance.

i see u baby
have you popped achievements in Nevada???

good luck on the journey...hit me up if ya need a place to cash in some achievs in Nevada...

by the way i hope your journey becomes a full time job...peace

S83: Nope, not yet.

hi あなたG多いですね、よかったら友達にして下さい。

S83: Translation: 
Please make a/the friend if it is good hi you G many ね. 

Roaming Sheep
Your my hero! Keep up the good work dogg if your ever in El Paso, TX lets smoke a bowl

S83: Thanks! But I'll have to pass on the smoke a bowl part, I'll watch you instead.

Chris Scarce

wow your gamerscore is out of this world i know for a fact it legit i saw you get 500k i kept looking at your scorce since i joined true achievments that must have taken ages to get

S83: My gamertag has been under heavy review and critiquing since the very beginning, the reason why most know I'm legit.

hey bro r u really going all around the usa

when did u get xbox live did u have original xbox

please talk 2 me im a big fan

S83: Yes. September of 2003 is when I got wired into LIVE.

iFluffy Yoda
You go man show them modders and posers u got wat it takes

xMaCe InUr FaCe
Hey im supporting u in getting 1,000,000G im doin the same but only 100,000G anyways goodluck:)

S83: Good luck to you as well.

king of occult
Hi i just wanted to say good luck getting to 1 million and im jealous of your gamerscore im quite a an lol

I may not have the best Gamerscore, but I do have the best Gamertag.

S83: His tag is ABigHairyMinge, I've seen better.

Your a Legend sir


  1. Do you work on your blog when you are too tired to game. I thought you would spend most of the day jamming on 360.

  2. "Your my hero! Keep up the good work dogg if your ever in El Paso, TX lets smoke a bowl"

    HAHAAH HELL YEAH!! That's me!! Keep up the good work, Ray!

  3. Do you ever get addicted to a games multiplayer when playing it but you have already got the 1000/200gs for the game ? Good luck on your journey also!

  4. People could just send you a private chat invite and view your profile that way. OR go on

  5. Did you unlock any achievements in Michigan yet? I know I unlocked about 3,000