Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Completed Game #464: WWE All Stars

Good<------WWE All Stars is an over the top arcade wrestling game in the same vein as NBA JAM, as if wrestling wasn't already over the top. Stacked with the greatest wrestling icons from the present and past. Sadly it's another title that suffers from PS2itis in the graphics department. The gameplay is solid and the matches tend to be shorter than your average wrestling affair. It would of been nice to see a more fleshed out career mode because it does lack depth.

Achievement difficulty: 4 out of 10

Time to complete full 1,000 Gamerscore points: 10 hours

Tip: Learn to reverse and it should be a cake walk. I personally beat the Undertaker in the championship match without being touched. Easy peasy pudding pops.

WWE All Stars trailer


  1. Yea, I thought they stretched the game-play out with the achievements that required a minimum of 7 path of champions play-throughs. I do think it's a good game, and definitely a game any wrestling fan should check out (especially if you loved the old Royal Rumble games). I just wish some developers would give up on the win 50 Xbox matches type of achievements.

  2. Whats up with the new layout