Saturday, April 9, 2011

Completed Game #461: Comic Jumper

Great<---------Not sure how this stayed under my radar for so long since I do love the other Twisted Pixel games. One of best arcade games I've had the pleasure of playing this year. A comic book game done right and hilarious. I fell in love with most of the characters as well, which is rare for me.

Achievement difficulty: 3 out of 10

Time to complete full 200 Gamerscore points: 4-5 hours (Plus a few hours of letting it run to get the shots fired achievement)

Price: 1,200 Microsoft Points

Worth 1,2000 Microsoft Points? Yes, one of the very few arcade games worth the $15 price tag.

Tip: Buy a few upgrades for your character then focus spending your money on the bonus items. The more bonus stuff you buy, the more bonus percentage you get at the end of each level. This is how you make mad cake.


  1. Which of the 3 Twisted Pixel games is your most favorite?

  2. Tough one but probably the MAW because I saw the talent they possessed and that their games really hit home with me. They know how to make simple arcade games interesting.

  3. You should try out Torchlight. I think that is definitely one of the few arcade games that is worth $15. I've spent more time with that game than I have with a couple of my $60 retail games