Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Your Messages Are Belong To Me

A1ive and Awake
A1ive and Awake writes: you crazy dude. i was readin this thing from pax east and it had your tag so i looked it up. shit is crazy haham. and im not really expecting you to reply. but whatever
 TheHybridXer0 writes: You are an inspiration to all us achievement hunters out there! I only need about another 500k to catch up to ya! haha.

A great driver
A great driver writes: go 4 my ass jk go 4 the gold sweethaaht


DrGreenthumbo42 writes: hi mate i think your amazing if you was on my friends list that would make my year lol im on trueachievements look me up if you have the time can you add me i hope you read this message :]

F41L3D L1F3
F41L3D L1F3 writes: can u add me please achievement lord

THC Botany

THC Botany writes: hey man its cool to see what your doing and im an unemployed botanist (my plants get me by) wich leaves me all the time in the world to play games. Very much like you i love achievements and play actively on new games everyday.

PSPFREAK22 writes: dude please tell me how u got so good ps i got nba 2k11 and mlb 2k11 just sayin

dude r u really leaving xbox live 4 the playstation network please

respond i beg of u dude please it would mean alot

u wanna play me in anything dude rite now i just wanna play the best in the world

y r u not talking 2 me bro

what do ur website have on them

yo dude how longed have u played xbox

do u have nba 2k11

u play doritos crash course

sup bro remember me


InsaneBEEshreda writes: I think your a great inspiration with the amount of time you spend on achievements. I wish i could help you out in some way because your really determined! I think you're awesome! :)


L3G3NDARY R3APR writes: just kidding about the loser thing. i would very much like to know how you intend to pull off 1 million G's when there will never be enough games for that. i am a bungie senoir lead design and am sponsering.


QUIKM8 writes: all the best in going for your goal. Takes dedication especially when playing those arcade games. Will watch your progress with interest. Regards steve

zDarknessss writes: give me gamerscore :p

An Xbox God
 An Xbox God writes: Somebody passed you on the TA leaderboard. I think they   modded though.

  Mac39 writes: seen u on gtp....and ur a mn hottie

jay c elite
  jay c elite writes: man ur gamerscore so big how


  1. "MY plants get me by" Weeeeeeeed.

  2. I thought that message was pretty funny, but I wasn't thinking in those terms.

  3. I have no idea how you put up with some messages, kinda makes me feel bad for the rare occasions I send one through on my express kangaroo.

  4. haha, i love how my message is completly random. someone messaged me on xbox telling me that i was on this and i was so confused haha

  5. Hey I see the message I sent you!

  6. Ahahaha! I love the ones by PSPFREAK. Made me laugh pretty damn hard. Like others have said, I'm amazed that you can stand some of these messages, haha

  7. That THC Botany guy sent me a friend request the other day hah

  8. Really? You too Joe? I guess I must be in the "inner circle" now.

    Just curious... whats the limit for your new messages? I saw a screen-shot in your blog that said 85 new messages. Or maybe you'd know what your personal record for new messages would be.

  9. The limit is 100, so my personal record is 100.

    I'm able to look at some messages once the inbox reaches over 100 but it only shows half the message if they are coming in fast enough. The voice messages won't play though.

  10. i do agree with PSPFREAK22, it would be great to game with a world record holder.

  11. L3G3NDARY R3APR is an idiot. I love when people claim to be a part of something and dish out facts. I'm sure a "senior lead design" would make that make syntax and spelling errors.. Oh the interwebs...

  12. Haha... make that many syntax and spelling errors