Thursday, April 14, 2011

Achievement Bounty 4-13-2011

Achievement Bounty 4-13-2011 (11 Achievements) (170 Gamerscore)
 Achievements obtained from: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, Raskulls, and Apache: Air Assault.

Total Gamerscore:  554,125
Total Achievements: 22,679
Total Games Played: 801
Total Completed Games: 464

Yet another weak day for achievement gathering. My cousin Omega Deez seems to be encouraging me by way of phone text, "If ur lookin for some quick points. Wheelman was a quick 300."

That's not really my problem, it's just my unwillingness to play at the moment. I get it in my head that I need to play a certain game but I really don't want to play it, so what I do is end up playing nothing.


  1. You should try not playing video games for awhile. Maybe that will help relight the gaming fire, or try out a new hobby that will take up a lot of time so you game harder when you can. Or you could try going back to school; it helps me when I can come home after a long day of school and just game. Not trying to be a douche about the school thing, just giving suggestions.

    Also, is the new background all of the controllers you have or just your favorites?

  2. I just need to watch my gaming selection more carefully.

    Nope, not all of them, just all I could fit in a close up.