Sunday, April 17, 2011

555,555 Gamerscore

Just 111,111 more to go before the 2/3 mark.

Six fives that pop into my mind.

Johnny five is Alive!

I miss dave

About to be SIX
Damn you subway! Damn you!
According to Doc Rivers this starting five has NEVER lost a playoff series. I guess that will now live on forever.


  1. Congrats on that nice GS, lucky 5's!

  2. Nice job! You going to stop at 666,666 and 777,777 (and so on) as well? That'd be awesome :D

  3. You've been beaten!

  4. no he hasnt. That dopeboyfresh kid is a cheat. He got all GH:WT, Rock Band and Rock Band 2 achievements all in one day??? Rock Band 1 itself requires you to beat three careers (45 songs in each, at 4 mins average per song thats 3 hours per career). Thats 9 hours. Then unlock endless setlist (needs you to play iirc 180 songs to unlock) which takes about 12 hours. Then beating the endless setlist which takes about 4-5 hours.

    Thats 25 hours minimum just for RB1.

    Endless setlist in RB2 also needs unlocking and then beating, and thats a longer setlist than the first (about 7-8 hours).

    GHWT needs you to earn $1000000 in career. I dont think thats possibe in 24 hours on its own.

    All these things in one day is simply impossible. I know he *MAY* have got close to all and just finished them all on same day but I only looked at those 3 games and every achievement for all three was earned on 28.3.11 I would put money that MANY more games were clocked on that same day...

  5. If you look at that dopeboyfresh kid whatever the his name is he has hundreds of games completed on March 28, which is impossible.

  6. Congrats, i was amazed when i reached 123,456.

    I'm hoping someday to reach 234,567

    Keep it up!

  7. Dopeboyfresh has clearly hacked - he has a few impossible achievements... he has the rayman raving rabbits ones and has 100% on smash tv - both are impossible... he will be deleted very shortly...

  8. Nice Job WOW Awesome! I love stallion83 is best in world and i cant wait see 600,000 and 666,666 GS Good luck!! Cheers mate :)