Saturday, March 26, 2011

Timeline of Stallion83

Work In progress
The Timeline of Stallion83


You never forget your first
November 22nd - The popping begins! 22 year old Ray Cox pops his first achievement on 360 launch day in North America. Hexic HD was the game, Cluster Buster was the achievement and it was worth a whopping 5 gamerscore points. Intrigued by the idea of achievements and gamerscore, but he was far from hooked at that time.

November 22nd - That same night his brand spankin' new Xbox 360 gets the red rings of death. Raymond really couldn't believe that he was on the telephone with Xbox support the very day it launched. He played it for all of about 2 hours total before it died. Luckily he had more 360's to choose from as Ray bought several to resell on ebay. He unboxed a core system and kept gaming like nothing happened. A few days later, Ray's coffin arrived for his bricked premium Xbox 360. It took a few weeks, but he got a brand new system back in return. It broke and got repaired a few more times and is now damaged beyond repair. He still uses that core system about every other day, but it has been repaired a few times now as well. He has unlocked more achievements with the ugly duckling than any other Xbox 360 he owns. Call of Duty 2, which was the killer app launch title for Microsoft's dysfunctional new hardware, had completely broken online multiplayer out of the box, However,  it was now the standard for single player campaign First-Person Shooters. The smoke effects at the time were unbelievable and the gun-play was amazing.

December 27th - Ray nabs his first completed Xbox 360 game. King Kong based on the 2005 movie was the title. Anyone in the world can now clearly see ones progress thanks to the gamerscore system and Xbox LIVE.


January -  Discovers the now deceased world wide leaderboards....It seemed so innocent at the time. His overall ranking position at the time of sign up is unknown.

January 31st - Completes Call of Duty 2 on the eve of his 23rd birthday, which happens to be the title that got him completely hooked on achievements and gamerscore.

February - Raymond crosses the 10,000 gamerscore mark. 5 digits seemed like a lot and it was then as there were limited amounts of games to play.

February 25th - Full Auto becomes the 10th Xbox 360 game he completes.


  1. Haha wow... You got red ring on the day of release? Wow... This was a pretty interesting read. Your first achievement was "Cluster Buster" for 5 gs and your first completion was King Kong. For some reason I can't imagine Stallion83 with 5 gamerscore. Haha lol!

  2. Yep, good old RROD on day of release. Got a long ways to go with this timeline depending on how detailed I get. I wanted to do it now before I completely forget the past.

  3. This is a cool idea. Can't wait to see the next article like this!

  4. It would be really nice to see a pic of all your games... must be something incredible...

  5. This will be fun to follow. So how many xbox's have you pushed to the RROD so far?

  6. The first few years was rough, the last couple of years it seems like a non issue. Well, except for my PAL xbox that died back in January.

    I will try to add a few things to the timeline each day, it's just hard getting specific dates for some of the stuff I want to address.

  7. Foreign systems getting the RROD is killer. I know this from experience as my PAL console recently suffered the same fate. $100 later and about sadly 6 weeks (nice one Microsoft) I got my PAL console returned in fantastic working condition. Now I am too scared to put the game that caused said incident into my console again and it's a shame too because it's one I was really looking forward to playing (Saints Row 2 GER).

  8. I'm terrified every time i turn my Japanese system on (roughly 10 times a year). It's a launch system, it has no option but death.

  9. Strangely enough, my 1st gen system is the only xbox to dodge any RROD symptoms. It's been nicknamed, "Old reliable."

    Every other system after that though has eaten dirt at least once. J-box slim is doing well though, and it's done some traveling too.

    Electronics will ALWAYS let you down. Not if, just when.

  10. How many controllers have you gone through during your quest?

    Also, not sure if you've mentioned this before but how many hours a day do you get to play Xbox? Do you also have a job/student, or do you get to just play all day?

    Is there any games you replay just for fun (already unlocked the achievements)?

  11. Brenden AKA Big BrenskiJune 20, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    I was hooked from my first achievement in Battlefield Bad Company. I only started in 2008. I thought my 68000 in just under 3 years was impressive. I was wrong.

  12. Harley AKA Facial La FleurJuly 4, 2011 at 10:40 PM

    My first ever achievement was the "Dimebag Darrel Award" (100 note streak) in Guitar Hero II on July 19, 2007 for 10 points.

  13. i hope you get very detalied in your timeline and if you can't remember a specific date, put a range, or just put about when you think it was example sometime in the summer of 2007...

  14. When are you getting back to working on this? Put in recent dates too so you can not worry about those!

  15. I'm curious when you became number one? Was there back-and-forth between you and another player, and at some point you finally gained a lead? The only history I can find is that ST The King was the first to reach 10,000, and then there's this interview where you mention you'd be number one if the cheaters were removed from the leaderboards:

    That interview is from August 2006. So what happened between the launch and then? When did you realize you were number one?