Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Take Down The Stallion, Win Some Goodies

Take me down (out score me) in the 360voice 5th anniversary mega challenge, win the 3 prizes below. The challenge starts on April 1st and lasts the entire month. Currently there are over 300 participants. You can also sign up as a 4-player team HERE. Make sure you read the rules. The MachiNe Team ain't laying down this time around! Better hurry though, it starts very soon.

The person who finishes directly ahead of me gets these 3 wonderful prizes.

A new car! I love Bob Barker

#1 An XtendPlay controller accessory for Xbox 360! www.xwerxonline.com  

The only reason I can now work out without aches and pains and game at a high level. No more painful wrists! Try one out for yourself. XtendPlay is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, don't like it, send it back.
You can keep up with XtendPlay on twitter @Xtendplay and Facebook

#2 A one year Pro membership code to use at www.spawnsor.net

It's completely free to join spawnsor.net. Build your gaming profile, get sponsored! Made easy for gamers. A pro membership enables you more opportunities to submit your gaming resume to would be sponsors.
"Spawnsor is the premier gaming network dedicated to eSports, where PC and console gamers can build profiles, show their skills, and connect with sponsors. Spawnsor's one of a kind system streamlines the process of finding sponsorships for gamers, teams, and gaming organizations."
You can sign up by e-mail today, but the full site doesn't launch until August.
You can keep up with Spawnsor.net on twitter @Spawns0r and FaceBook

#3 Last but not least, 1,600 Microsoft points.
 I think you may know what this is. 

Why am I doing this?  Because I'll be keeping all of these prizes for myself! MUHAHAHAHAHA

Good luck!

I forgot to mention there are already tons of other prizes people are giving away in that challenge. Games, points, all kinds of cool stuff. Check it!


  1. Do u have to have 20 000 gscore befroe the contest starts.

  2. Insted of giving all prizes to one person u should spread them out

  3. Naruto uzumki has over 600000 gscore ???

  4. Do you have plans to get alot of gamerscore? I'll be giving you a hard time if all goes as planned;)

  5. I will try, but everyone has an advantage over me in challenges like this. I'll be happy placing in the top 5.

  6. i can see this being pretty unfair ! i for one have like 40,000 gamerscore but i havent played any of the tosh games, i could easily go buy/rent 10-20 of the easy 1000G games and get lots and lots of gamerscore, whereas you have completed most games, so theirs a smaller window of opportunity

  7. ^Exactly why Stallion's got the disadvantage I think. A lot of people can just go pick up those bargain bin $5 games that have easy gamerscore and fly to the top of the charts, I take it Stallion has a much more limited selection to win.

    Either way, put up a fight bro. You can make the top 5!

    - dumbg00se