Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Suspended From Xbox LIVE For No Good Reason (UPDATED, I'm Back!)

So, I get suspended for a week, I wonder what for? Hopefully my Email will have a better explanation.....

What I find in my email:

"This email is to notify you that your Xbox LIVE account privileges have been temporarily suspended due to inappropriate content in the profile for your gamertag. The inappropriate content was discovered in the Motto, Bio, Location, Name and/or Personal Picture."

"Your profile was brought to the attention of the LIVE Enforcement Team through complaints filed by other Xbox LIVE users or in the course of our operation of the service. The LIVE Enforcement Team has reviewed the complaints and other evidence regarding this content and determined it violates the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and/or Code of Conduct. Because this content is in violation, the LIVE Enforcement Team has deleted the content and issued a temporary suspension."

"Customer Support is not able to modify or provide any further details about your suspension. Additionally, the duration of your suspension is subject to change without prior notice by the LIVE Enforcement Team if we discover additional evidence of violations."

Even if I wanted to contact support they won't lend a hand? Awesome.

Here's the so called inappropriate content, you be the judge.

Motto: www.1milliongamerscore.cm
Name: Raymond
location: www.twitter.com/stallion83

Track my Journey towards 1 Million Gamerscore:
XtendPlay! Try one out for yourself.


Xbox LIVE doesn't have a browser, so no links are hyperlinks, just text.

All of that has basically been untouched for months. My personal picture is DeathSpank and my gamer picture is the usual Ari Gold one.

So why was I suspended? You think some kind of warning would be sent out before hand. I don't have dick, pussy, or cunt bitch ass motherfucker anywhere to be found in my motto or bio. Wish I did, because then I would know why. It's not clear cut, so I need an explanation.

The only one I have: People send me tons of messages and I usually feel obligated to send one back. I never cuss or lash out but these people might be reporting me out of spite or hate. For those unfamiliar, you can only file complaints against other Xbox LIVE users if you have played with them in a multiplayer game or you get a message from them.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

When I don't send messages back, people start calling me an asshole and that sort of thing.

I understand that my gamertag is one of the most viewed in the entire world. Am I being punished for that? It doesn't seem fair to me.

Now I can't play Crisis 2 online tonight because I'm put in the corner. +1 to the haters.

Bottom line: I don't know what I did wrong and Microsoft explaining that better to their customers would be appreciated. +1 for Sony

This year should be a prorated $60, because you're STEALING a week from me.


I better watch out including my last name under "NAME". They might tag me with another week or possibly a month suspension.  A misunderstanding like that actually makes more sense than my current situation.


Stepto (Director of policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE) looked into my suspention situation and lifted it in a very timely manner. +1 Microsoft

Here's the explanation as to why I was suspended:

"You were advertising a commercial link in your bio, using your live account for commercial purposes is not allowed."

"However we usually hit for 24 hours for that so we have reduced the suspension. You should be able to get online later tonight."

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to be back up and running on LIVE but his answer brings up more questions.

Why was I suspended a week to begin with?

This probably goes back to my initial thought that a ton of people filed complaints against me out of spite. The enforcement team neglected to really look into the situation and slapped me with a week. A warning from Microsoft before hand would be a nice gesture, maybe to people that have been on LIVE >5years. If you don't get a message back from me over LIVE, this is the reason. Not because I'm an asshole, because I don't want to get suspended.

What is considered a commercial link?

Stepto himself has a link in his bio that promotes his blog. He is clearly selling his own book on there. Is this not a commercial link? I'm sure developers have their websites posted in their motto's or bios. Is this not a commercial link? Everyone that represents trueachievements.com and x360.org are posting commercial links. Those sites make money and who the hell knows if you're getting paid to have that link in your motto? Getting those badges to some are just as good as money.

Everything that was in my motto has been there for nearly 4 months.

The two links I dropped from my Bio: www.xwerxonline.com and www.trueachievements.com.

Some people most definitely deserve to be suspended, but when you're splitting hairs over a commercial link, I think it's a Halo: Reach.


  1. Real shame man. But at least since you're a high profile identity so you'll get the benefit of an eyes-on alot sooner than most people would.

    A week is a big deal.

  2. xDN3D - Dude i know exactly how you feel bro! I got suspended for a month with NO given explanationas to why!!! Damn they suck so hard!!! Do you want a temporary tag to play on for a week? Gamertag is XBLPET Kobe

  3. What a load of garbage.
    I'm guessing you're not gonna bother contacting LiveSupport on Twitter?

  4. if apple was here I bet he would LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  5. I would demand to speak to the "LIVE Enforcement Team".

  6. What would that be an idiot at microsoft to ban the profil with the most gamerscore in the whole wide world? Sorry for beeing suspended for one week mate.

  7. This happened to me too, only my circumstance was for a day. I know it may sound like a dick thing to say, but thank god it happened to you of all people - maybe Microsoft will realize how stupid they are for banning people for no real good reason.

  8. My Guess Its for the Advertising Mr. stallion "XtendPlay! Try one out for yourself." They will consider this as advertising. Just a thought. Too Bad Stallion but the the price you pay for not adding me to your FR List :) TAREKEGYPT

  9. If I said Halo is the best game in the world! Try it out for yourself! Is that advertising?

  10. Microsoft are going to be embarrassed with this one I think.

  11. Could anyone buy anything in those links??

  12. Those dirty little sluts. PET are fucking morons.

  13. "could anyone buy anything in those links" Every link you would probably find something to buy. If I had www.xbox.com in my bio, is that wrong? You can buy tons of crap and even fake clothing.

  14. My best guess is that some idiot saw the Xtendplay link and assumed it was some kind of modding device.

  15. As much as it sucks, it's probably best to just have everything blank from now on. Not worth losing a whole week because a bunch of sandy vaginas can't handle the Stallion.

  16. I've been through this too, and since I did not get an email I actually called Microsoft. One thing they said is that they frown upon links that advertise products that are not endorsed by Microsoft. They probably took an issue with that advertisement for Xtendplay.
    Keep in mind that, in order to get banned, you had to be reported by someone and then that report was evaluated by someone. What one person on the security team might have a problem with, another might not have. I'd recommend trying to contact MicroSoft, and also post on Twitter which MAY get the attention of a higher up that can help you.

  17. Same as the previous poster. Sorry, forgot one thing:
    The reason they say Customer Support cannot help is the same reason you cannot contact policy enforcement directly. Imagine how you must feel, and now imagine a few thousand people feeling the same way, some who already have issues with keeping a cool head. It's a clause to protect themselves.

  18. You're quoted right on the Xtendplay site in a product endorsement. So yeah, that's not exactly like saying "Halo is great". lol

  19. i feel like this is just like when they send a celebrity to jail to prove that the justice system doesnt discriminate. That sucks man.

  20. you do have a right to inquire re: what particular content was the catalyst for the ban - how else can you avoid a repeated offense - the whole point of punishment is to prevent recidivism... if it is for advertising, then they could ban anyone with a TA or x360a tag

  21. This guy doesn`t need a 1 week suspension what he needs is a gamerscore reset. His tag has way to many suspicious achievements.


  23. RESET STALLION83!!!!!

  24. ^ I bet he gets that at least 30 times a week. Try being more original.

  25. That Xtendplay sure does sound like male enhancement drug to me....

  26. I hope you get banned Stallion83 Fagimus!

  27. so did you get this resolved stallion?

  28. That's total bullshit! My guess is the 'Cox' part.
    Guess it's MS being retarded.

  29. I occassionally read your blog. Kudos on the journey man. I can see why they may have, for a non xbox endorsement, but its pretty dumb to say the least. I honestly don't get people who come here, read your blog, then anonymously bash you. Whats the point. Go work on your own achievements people. Keep your head up man.

    GT Darthmushu

  30. It was me!!! MUHAHAHAHA!

    Get a life

  31. yo Stal, just a suggestion, you should try and set up a log in to make comments part of your page. The amount of idiots on here is funny, but I know its not just annoying to you, but to everyone else.

  32. Your suspension should of stayed 1 week but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO because of your huge gamerscore you got celebrity treatment and got your suspension cut down to 24 hours. My suspension wouldn't get celebrity treatment.

  33. "Your suspension should of stayed 1 week but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO because of your huge gamerscore you got celebrity treatment and got your suspension cut down to 24 hours. My suspension wouldn't get celebrity treatment."

    Actually he got hit harder than he was supposed to bc he is well known an advertiseing infraction is only a days suspention that was according to someone over on TA who works for Microsoft.

    GT: Bcleal

    1. i agree i am looking forward to this loser losing all his gamerscore it will be so nice

  34. Wow dude, I have links in my, motto and bio. Not been suspended for it though.

    So fucking prick on the enforcement team must have got jealous of your gamerscore :)

  35. well that was the quickest week ever! your back online it says? did they overturn their decision?

  36. According to Stepto's talks at past conferences, when something comes up to the enforcement team they don't see the Gamertag associated with it. Only the content. MajorNelson actually got ding'd for having something about xbox.com in his profile which the team banned him for (since they couldn't see his Gamertag and know it was legit).

  37. He also replied to me on twitter and said your blog links (and I assume TA since he won't say one way or another) were ok, only the attachment site was in violation.

  38. Can't have been 24 hours anyway more like 5 lol. Anyway, it's your bio you can have what you want, besides you pay £40 a year anyway. I have TA in mine.

  39. I guess the blanket statement they are saying that falls under would be this like from the terms of use: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/Legal/livetou

    use the Service for commercial purposes (except as expressly permitted by us);

  40. Is there a list of permitted links? I'm guessing www.sony.com isn't on it.

  41. Oh, and on the warning thing, they cover that here: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/legal/codeofconduct

    Microsoft is not obligated to send you a warning before these actions occur. If your account is suspended while participating in a tournament or competition Microsoft assumes no liability in the loss of any potential prizes or recognition related to the tournament or competition. Microsoft is not obligated to monitor every post, but we have the right to remove any post or take action against any user.

  42. Break the Code of Conduct! Get suspended. I don't care who you are. Read that shit next time before you agree to it! This is exactly why we pay for Live Gold, to have it enforced & be fair to all.

  43. Welcome Back

    PsychoPATh 71

  44. I think the team is doing the best they can. There are obviously some flaws in the system, but nothing is perfect.

  45. @Stallion83, yea on the list, that's why was bugging him about trueachievements.com... seems they are going on a case-by-case basis.

  46. Having TA or x360a in a bio is completely different than having a website that sells a non-sponsored accessory. Makes perfect sense, but definitely not worth a week's ban, glad you got it sorted out.


  48. you been on xbox live how long and you didnt know that? you deserved to get banned..

  49. What I don't understand is that I could have sworn I had heard in the past that it had been intended that you could get sponsers. So if you were number 1 or 2 or high up people would know your account was viewed a lot and so pay you to use your motto. Then all the gamesaving and hacking happened and then it wasn't really plausible.

  50. If I mistakenly got a 1 week suspension they wouldn't solve my problem because I'm not a celebrity like Stallion doucebag 83.

  51. Now that's bullish!t

  52. Rub de be shu deh

  53. He has a huge gamerscore, but in no way is he a celebrity. There are TONS of gamers who have no clue who he is. Plus, he's incredibly humble and isn't a douche. He just went to the source of the problem and got it fixed. Xbox isn't full of fascists who only bend over for one guy who got an excessive punishment. They're humans who saw an infraction on the terms. That's their job. It sucks, but that's what they do. So, problems fixed now. Boom.

    Oh, and Stallion83 rules.

  54. Want to know who to blame for this.....two words: Zakke Wylde

  55. I saw in your bio you love beef jerky. I'm turning you in for advertising beef jerky and making huge profits for the beef jerky industry. Expect your suspend to be a week now.

  56. lmao @ the retarded haters...

  57. I have to say I was figuring that was the reason. The only reason it isnt really research because of how many people violate the code of conduct a day. Sorry about it anyway I'm happy yo got everything sorted out.


  58. It was the Amazone link that got you suspended.

  59. There wasn't an amazon link in my motto or bio.

  60. "www.xwerxonline.com
    XtendPlay! Try one out for yourself."
    That's what got you suspended...advertising a commercial product.

  61. i would agree that saying "Halo is the best game in the world, try for yourself" is considered advertising....you are drawing attention in hopes of a crowd to gather and go try the product you said is great! its no different than the clothes we wear that have logo's like Nike and Reebok. we are all walking advertisements....NO LOGO my friend, NO LOGO...in addition to that, i believe it came to their attention because of the assholes sending complaints....otherwise why would it take them 4 damn months for them to notice this so called infringement on the profile of the most known Gamer in the world??

    regardless, this is a fuckin dilly of a pickle and i dont think it will be the last of the shit to hit your fan, as it is sitting right in the spotlight...



  62. ^^ Dumbest comment I've ever seen. No offense, just saying.

  63. Someone needs to cut your thumbs off so smrnov can pass you hell so that alot of other people can pass you.

  64. Glad you got this sorted to your satisfaction but it wasn't as if they banned your account, you could have still played single player to gain achievements which would have been updated when you signed back into Live.

  65. Are you seriously trying to compare Stepto advertising on his own blog (NOT a product site) the book that he wrote himself, to you directly endorsing someone else's unlicensed product on their product site and in your bio? You seem like a fairly intelligent guy, so I don't know why you would say something that would make you look that dense.

  66. Yeah, posting that link for the XtendPlay wasn't very smart. A site selling stuff is prohibited in the ToU. You of all people should have known that.

  67. Here's a tip for you: change your motto.
    1MillionGamerscore.cm could be registered (.cm is Cameroon) as an advertising website. Which would get your account suspended again.
    Or you can remove the www. and put down .com.

  68. "Are you seriously trying to compare Stepto advertising on his own blog (NOT a product site) the book that he wrote himself, to you directly endorsing someone else's unlicensed product on their product site and in your bio? You seem like a fairly intelligent guy, so I don't know why you would say something that would make you look that dense."

    In hindsight the title should of been, "Suspended a week for no good reason." If it were a day suspension to begin with, like it should of been, I would of mentioned it, but not like this. I was in the middle of playing on LIVE when it happened, so that rubbed me the wrong way.

    I never said they were the same(Stepto book and xwerx), but at the end of the day, if he sells a book, it's the same. Same goes for trueachievemnts or x360a, maybe they aren't selling goods(I think TA sells shirts and coffee mugs), but content. The objective is the same, to make money. The guy that runs Giantbomb has that as his gamertag and motto is the link to said website. What is the mission of that site? To provide premium content people want to pay for, it's their job.

    What you are implying is that someone from Microsoft physically went to www.xwerxonline.com and saw my endorsement of the product and then proceeded to suspended me for the WRONG amount of time. I'm pretty positive that those line of events never occurred.

    I know the moral of the story, everything is at Microsoft's own discretion when concerning Xbox LIVE. Nothing is cut and dry expect for the fact that they have the final say in everything when it boils down to it.

  69. I have a thought, and you may call me an idiot, but this is just a thought. What if Stallion gets all of his followers, or most of them at least to duplicate the things that got him banned. What are they going to do? Ban all of us? Hope they have fun with empty servers then.

  70. haha...I wouldn't want anything like that. I don't feel like a protest is necessary. If I was suspended for 3 months for something like that, I would hope some people would have my back.

  71. lol your making a big deal about it
    only suspended for a week?wow u must really not have anything else to do

  72. You got banned for a legit reason. Advertising.

    Read the TOU next time son.

  73. Thats really stupid. Like you mate i have had m twitter, youtube and clan site on my bio. And i have had it there for a year.I think people were maybe hating on you cos their jealous of your GS.

  74. So a whiney bitch complains and whines untill his account gets unsuspended. Fucking modding faggot.

  75. A lot of people saying that TA could also cause it, but I'm sure sites like TA are protected through the XDCP...just wanted to point that out.

  76. I don't know who this Anonymous fella is, but his douchebaggery has run its course.

  77. Stallion83s account deserves to have it's gamerscore reset and get banned. It has so many unlegit achievements hacked, gamesaved, and modded. The only problem is those unlegit achievements have legit time date stamps because Ray edits them to make them look legit.

  78. "I never said they were the same(Stepto book and xwerx), but at the end of the day, if he sells a book, it's the same. Same goes for trueachievemnts or x360a, maybe they aren't selling goods(I think TA sells shirts and coffee mugs), but content. The objective is the same, to make money. The guy that runs Giantbomb has that as his gamertag and motto is the link to said website. What is the mission of that site? To provide premium content people want to pay for, it's their job."

    Stepto's blog, TA and x360a, while they may contain links to items for sale, their sole purpose is NOT to sell a product, so no it's not the same. The Xtend Play site you linked to exists ONLY to sell a product, and that is exactly why you got banned.

    How did you think you were going to get away with blantantly soliciting like that? I mean you even said "XtendPlay! Try one out for yourself" ffs! I bet that if you had just posted the website address only and not put that direct solicitation in there too, it might not have even been noticed.

  79. wow people are so ignorant....next time you want to blast someone's opinion or comment, why dont you leave your name and email so we can have a little debate and send you some hate mail....shouldnt bother you if you are that confident in your own bullshit comments!!!

    by the way, you Anonymous piece of shit, wasting your time to say my comment was the dumbest thing you've heard, was pretty fuckin stupid....next time say something with a little intelligence to back it up!


    PS. post your name if you're not a coward that's afraid to be held accountable for your own words...

  80. I know this sounds fucked up but it actually was hysterical how this happened to you. You must have had to use a lot of tampons when you found out. LOL.

    My friends tried talking to you for advice and they said you were a conceited prick. And you purposely went out of your way to ignore most of them because there arbitrary number wasn't as high as yours!

    Myself and others are hoping to see you fail and not reach that 7 digit. Besides you are a shit gamer who
    pretty much can crack all his disks after playing them because that how little you care for games.
    With the exception of the fraghead and sports shit.

    LOL I hope you get hacked next!!!!

  81. ^ Does that include rentals? If it does, then wouldn't GameFly stop sending him games?

  82. I'm guessing it's the xtendplay link, since I've had the TA link in mine for a year or something. Still sucks that you got no email first asking you to remove it, instead of just a straight ban.

  83. You Stallion83 are a tall poppy.

    I would not cut you down personally but countless others no doubt do, all the time...


  84. It is not physically possible to max out all the games Stallion does without blowing through the majority of cut scenes in a game. What you do isn't really impressive you have your nose in a guide constantly that much is obvious. And you basically speed run every game you play. Not stopping in to take in the enjoyment of the game. You turn it around into work. I do not think you cheat. I am not ignorant. But I am sure that in most games you play if there is a fast way to get the achievements you do them and I know you dread RPGs for this reason. Try playing Nier or FF13 when you would be pissed because you'd be playing it for two weeks to get all the achievements. I hope you get help sir I really do. It's one thing to want to be good but I think honestly you deserve to be banned because Smrnov deservers No.1 not you.

  85. Pretty sure FF13 sucks balls. Wait for it... Just a little longer... The fanboys will surely flame that quickly.

    Just because a game takes two weeks to complete doesn't make it good, fun, or epic. He plays how he feels like, games that he feels like, if you can't grow some stones and stop hating someone who has gone further than yourself then why come on to his personal blog? You could debate if it is healthy for you to try and replicate or not, but it is his life to spend as he sees fit.

    Get off your high horse and do something about yourself, instead of worrying about what you feel other peoples problems happen to be.

  86. This is why I dislike the public in general. I dude sets a goal, works for it, has fun, and uses his experience to entertain others and people crap on it.
    The amount of people celebrating his inconvenience is silly.
    Also, while I hate to resort to the rubber/glue tactic of argument, if I was posting hate comments to a blog detailing someebody's "work" that I found frivolous, wouldn't that mean I was the one in need of a life?

  87. It's human nature to have people hate on you especially when you are number 1. at something best get over it. as defending someone like an ass-guard is actually more indicative of the fact that you indeed need a life.

  88. what the fuck....i just got a one day suspension too for no reason....and now its the day the suspension was supposed to be lifted and still nothing....im pissed and if it dont work in twenty mins im gonna raise fucking hell for my twenty bucks


  90. Too all the anonymous saying ray should be banned and smrnov made the number 1. You would be sayi the same thing if smrnov was number 1 and ray was number 2.

  91. Jealousy......All The Haters need to chill and worry about their own Gamerscores.

    Good Luck With The Mission Mate :-)

    Toots McCleggan (Gary,London UK)

  92. Personally, I get my kicks out of reading the hate msgs on this site. If stallion makes the 7 digits it will be amazing. Especially since the Xbox is already halfway through it's life cycle and he's almost at 600'000. But It takes a lot of commitment still.
    But Haters who say he cheats and should be reset. Are as stupid as they seem. They don't think he's managed to go 5 years without a scan by Microsoft?
    I'm fairly sure they've checked his profile inch by inch at this stage.
    So haters should stop hating and try gaming. Most of these people are almost certainly saddo's who have no chance at the 7 digits and should just game for fun.
    Stallion and Smrnov, they're different leagues to about 90% of xbox gamers who can get 1000G daily on a regular basis. It's not through cheating it's from playing lots of games,Being good at games and knowing how to minimize their play time in order to get more achievements.
    like most I'd love to hit the 7 digits. But at 90K currently. There in no chance on the 360. 200k is my aim.
    Aim for the moon, instead of the sun.

    (though nobody will read this probably)

  93. Hey cox tough break but at least it's been lifted good luck on your journey i so far have tracked, every point on your road to the big one million and well it's OVER 9000!!!1 I joke, i joke. but good luck i wish you all the best (my poor little fingers are worn out)

  94. Oh hey and guys if you ever want to talk to me and let me kill you my gt is mega pyro and remember IT'S OVER ONE MILLION :D

  95. Don't feel bad. I was banned until 12/31/9999 for my profile, and they won't even allow me to fight it. I'm enjoying my PS3 now. Here's my profile:

    Motto: Xenoblade on Wii!
    Location: Tucson, AZ
    Bio: "A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer." -Mitch Hedberg

    That was it. My friends kept sending messages since I was always playing Wii, so I put what I was playing in my profile. Jealous, much, Microsoft?

  96. who gives a fuck about this Stallion83 guy he really needs to stop bitching and get a life

  97. I think people that plays 1000's of freaking Arcade games to get achiement points shouldn't be included.... only actually games... I mean shit I can play pac-man and get 200G or 300G easy.... thats bullshit. just saying. =)
    Currently have 32455 from actually games...

    Email me at ritchieb88@yahoo.com
    For my GT

  98. Do you help people get achievements or are you all out for your self.

  99. smrnov is way more impressive than you anyways. smrnov has Final Fantasy 13 completed and you only have 4 achievements in FF 13.

  100. smrnov has Chromehounds completed.

  101. smrnov has the 1st GRAW completed.

  102. This is smrnovs top ten games according to TA.

    1 Game Room 5,370
    2 IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey 4,608
    3 Chromehounds 4,195
    4 TC's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 3,934
    5 Need for Speed: Carbon 3,584
    6 Carnival Games 3,462
    7 Rumble Roses XX 3,349
    8 Quake 4 3,343
    9 Kane & Lynch: Dead Men 3,232
    10 Kinect Joy Ride 3,147

  103. Your just a tool and smrnovs a man.

  104. Stallion83 should not be reset. You were banned because xtendplay sounds like some kind of mod. I leave everything blank. The bitches who say you should get reset are jealous.

  105. I got the ban for having the Bio, "I am better than Kyle at video games" 2 week suspension, so I phoned in and talked to a Rep, and I didn't get a reason, but they removed the ban. A month later, I got perma banned cause I put my bio as "I can't tell you because I might get banned" I phoned in, and apparantly I was insulting Microsoft's staff, and I was on my third strike. (I had my first ban because my bio was sexually suggestive. I didn't even realise that until I read it over, and it was actually pretty bad, Kinda made me laugh, but that was a 24 hour, so not too bad, wish I could remember the bio) But anyways, After a talk, the perma ban was lifted, and they supposedly have erased all my strikes because they couldn't verify a real reason for the second ban I got, which made my third ban look like a lash at me for calling them out on their mistake. Plus like a few days before they had double charged my credit Card for one year of live. Microsoft hates me.

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