Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shoot Many Robots: Hands on Preview

Here we go with another new site feature that is all about hands on previews of upcoming games. First up is an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Game titled Shoot Many Robots from Demiurge Studios.

Shoot Many Robots

On the surface Shoot Many Robots looks like a Contra clone but that is just the surface. Once you peel away a few layers you can see there is a lot more to the game than run to the right and shoot. Shoot Many Robots is a 4 player RPG and the general premise may be run right and shoot, but with a leveling system, items and weapons to collect, and beer to be drank. Yes, I said beer. In this game your health is manipulated by beer consumption, your currency/points come in the form of nuts, and there are silly costumes everywhere. Costumes do more than dress up your character, they change his properties. Some pants make for longer slides, some for better jumps. This game is full of silly hats (you might have to wear them all for one of those achievements, or possibly just dress like your friends) although, I did feel like the controls of the game were a little off, as it is an early build and I can look past that at this point. I can say I am very much looking forward to giving this game a longer look. I think playing it 4 player with some good friends will really elevate this games addictive qualities.

If you aren't familiar with Demiurge Studios I think they might be OK with that. This is their first "solo project" but I think you are probably familiar with some of the games they have supported in the past: BioShock, Borderlands and, Mass Effect. There is little doubt they can put together a quality game with a resume like that. You can see the Borderlands influence in this one. The one and only CliffyB referred to this game as "BorderSlug" drawing the comparisons of Borderlands and Metal Slug. Borderlands didn't let you wear a Pink Tutu and Viking helmet while carrying a big ass gun though.

The Design Many Robots Contest has already confirmed in coming DLC for the game ( So expect some on going support for the title. Let's just hope that DLC isn't released day one. Yeah I'm looking at you Hard Corp Uprising. I will fill you in on more details and a release date when the information is available.

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