Monday, March 14, 2011

More From PAX East 2011

I'm finally home from Boston and found some time to sit down and share some of my experience with you. I am working on a bunch of game previews and cool stuff for the site but for now here is a quick group of shots from the show floor. Hope fully we will be better prepared for the next trade show but this news and reviews stuff is new to us here at 1milliongamerscore so please bare with us as we try and bring you the goods.

The Darkness 2 is real and looks pretty good not sure if the hour and a half in line was worth it though.
This was the line to get into Major Nelson's podcast. It wasn't as good as the Joystiq X3F podcast those guys know how to have fun. Plus I'm on the episode. here's a link

This guy told me he is a fan of the site so I put him on here... His Gamertag is CoolKidJoe and he really wants more Xbox Live Friends. Ohh, and that Red Faction Armageddon Mech was pretty sweet too.

This guy thought he was an actual clap trap... He wasn't fooling anyone.

It may be over 3 years old but it still drew a crowd.

Inflatable Dork Shit... Though there was a kid in line for the X3F fancast told me he wanted to live inside it.

I hear there may be a few people excited for whatever this was. I've never heard of it personally.

Here's proof that the XtendPlay booth may have been haunted by the ghost of Master Chief. Thanks again guys glad to see the booth constantly full of people.

In this game you stand still and point at colorful dots on the screen. I think it was created by a pharmaceutical company.

This is out tomorrow I'll be posting a review this week. check back often.

Battleblock Theater it's the new game from the Behemoth. It's kind of like a co-op RaSkulls I'll tell you more about that later.

Do you enjoy 4 hour lines? well I don't so I have no preview of this game for you. I would go ahead and assume it is pretty good though.

Seems a little extravagant for a trailer you've already seen on infinite loop.

Gun Stringer is the first XBLA Game to support Kinect. It seems rather ambitious but seems like it could be alot of fun. Plus it was created by Twisted Pixel and they know how to bring the funny.

This is a Game, This game is Amazing. I wonder if it tastes like raisins? if you don't get the reference check the link.

Brink continues to look sweet too bad they underestimated the interest in their boat party.

I think this guy was drunk. Check out Swarm from Hot Head Studios. Coming soon to a console near you.

The booth looked good from the other side too.

There is cake in there.

There we're enough girls at PAX East 68,000 dudes and 1,500 girls... This guy did his best to shift the balance. Seems the shoes were a little lacking in effort though.


  1. Out of all the characters that kid could of picked. Excuse me Mr. CoolKidJoe since you are now famous can i be on your friends list?! Great pics Stoph looking forward to seeing more pics and articles from this thing you call P.A.X East 2011 =)

  2. Nice photos, man. Cindy got pictures of all the booths before the crowd was let in, like 100 or so.

    I thought someone kept touching my balls in the XtendPlay booth...the ghost clears that mystery up.

  3. Oh little Joey needs more friends. No wonder he's a friendless little derp. I read from his blog that he thinks people with low gamerscore are worthless friends. What a douchebag.

  4. Word? Someone actually reads my blog, and then makes themself anonymous. I'm upset... Maybe if the friends list cap wasn't 100 then I could have room for all those people but I'd rather use my friends list spots for people who play on more than 1 regioned console.