Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Taking My Talents To Tokyo (PlayStation Network)

My journey to 1 million gamerscore has taken an exciting yet unconventional turn today. The fine folks over at Sony have made me an offer that I can't refuse.

They want me aboard to promote the PlayStation Network, but there is a twist. They also want me to keep the gamerscore up and complete my journey.

I hope you guys support me in this decision as Microsoft didn't make the proper moves to keep me happy on their court. A good buddy of mine who has no desire to sign with Microsoft Canada will be joining me as we take our talents to Tokyo to put on the PlayStation uniform.

It's sad that I was forced to leave my home but it feels right. To be in this position, to wear the PlayStation uniform. Ummm...every single night we are going to make the world know that the PlayStation network is back. Kazuo Harai was just a stand up guy in the recruiting process, the whole organization is a close-knit group. And when they said they had the possibility of all of us joining up, I couldn't turn that down. The Sony PlayStation's will win not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7,  years in a row. Complete domination of the market will belong to the Sony PlayStation's. Microsoft will probably come out with a letter about how they can win the online race without me.

A step in the process is how they want me to conduct future interviews. Take for example the interview I did that was posted on the front of yahoo for a weekend when I reached 500,000, (2nd largest website in the world) which clearly gave Microsoft free marketing. I think the title was "Xbox gamer reaches a huge milestone" with a picture of the sleek new Xbox 360 slim.

Q and A will go something linke this:

Q: What will do after you reach your goal of a million gamerpoints?

A: I'm so eager for that day to arrive so I can finally spend all my time on the superior network, the PlayStation Network. I'm just doing the Microsoft thing to keep my 0.000001% celebrity Xbox status to promote and recruit lost souls to the right brand, the PlayStation brand.

I have already changed my gamertag to PlayStation Network

The new Tag Line

Xbox LIVE gamerscore leader PlayStation Network and his journey to reach 1 Million Gamerscore. PlayStation Network longs for that day to come, so then he will be able to burn his trashy Microsoft system and move to the superior Network, The PlayStation Network. Trophy Unlocked!


April Fools! If you checked out the link I had for PlayStation Network it's gamertag April Fools. And if you knew anything about the Lebron James decision it was a pretty obvious prank.


  1. Ain't April yet.

  2. Wow that's crazy! Well I hope that you have a fantastic time over there doing what you do :) At least the XtendPlay gear will be shown more over there now too.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Not fair to post an April fools joke before the Continental US, including your hometown, are in it...

  4. LOL at the Q&A!! But wow... Never thought i would see this.. I have a ps3 and almost never play it. I like how Playstation Network is FREE though unlike xbox. (Looking at you Mr Microsoft selling live for 60$ a year!) I also like the idea of a gamerscore over the trophies. Its just doesnt sound as cool... ( 643bronze 231silver 127gold 5platinum or 56,785 ) i dunno. Thats just my opinion on the topic. Well I will still follow you Stallion83 because you are an inspiration to a lot of people (and a target for hate and jealousy! :P) You showed the world that you can reach a goal if you just set your mind to it. It took a lot of time and hardwork (and some pretty crappy games!) but you are getting closer with the same enthusiasm as you had at the very beginning of the journey. Good luck Stallion83 and keep at what you do best!


  5. Crap... I just realized that this is probably an April Fool's joke (IM SLOW OKAY?!?!) LOL!!

  6. ^
    I bet you wish you didn't tie your gamertag to your post LMFAO!

  7. Yeah, the "they want me to continue my journey towards a million" part gave it away.

  8. yup that definitely fooled the crap out of me, good one!

  9. Nice April Prank :D

  10. It's Ridge Racer! Ridge Racer!

  11. Boy, did I get a ton of you with this. I feel sort of evil.

  12. You should go to PSN get the highest trophy lv ;)

  13. You got me last year when you said someone was helping you out, then you had a link to their gamer tag and it was April fools. Man what are you gunna do next year

  14. Last time I did one was 2009. I got nothing left.

  15. You need to start working on next years april fools then. Maybe that you are going to the Wii? Steam? They have achievements you know...